[Stupid Teenager] Post #6

i talked to my chasy yay happy happy lindsay is happy i love my chasy i miss him T_T T_T T_T but yaaaaaaaay we like.. reminesced and i almost started crying because i miss him and we were talking of our happy times back in the day.. like last summer up to september and stufffffff

<3 chasy-babe

[22:06] Shu-chan: hey chasy
[22:06] Chasy: HELLO
[22:06] Shu-chan: how goes/
[22:06] Shu-chan: ?
[22:07] Chasy: WHERE HAVE YOU BEN
[22:07] Chasy: ?
[22:08] Shu-chan: ummm.. home?
[22:08] Chasy: I’m sad
[22:08] Shu-chan: though there was a couple weeks when my compy was being fixed..
[22:08] Shu-chan: awww
[22:08] Shu-chan: *snuggles* why sweetie?
[22:09] Chasy: becuz I was cleaning my room and looking at all my fliers from last summer
[22:09] Chasy: and I miss it
[22:09] Chasy: everyone has changed
[22:09] Shu-chan: yeh
[22:09] Shu-chan: i have to move ;.;
[22:09] Chasy: no one is the fun loving porson they were last summer
[22:09] Chasy: where to?
[22:09] Shu-chan: dont know
[22:09] Shu-chan: aunt evicted us
[22:09] Chasy: y?
[22:10] Shu-chan: just so she can store all her crap here and so her son can come over here with his friends to play pool and shit
[22:10] Shu-chan: -.-
[22:10] Chasy: im sory babe
[22:11] Shu-chan: it’s ok.. just puts another mark of my list of reasons not to trust people
[22:12] Shu-chan: *snuggles* i miss you guys T_T
[22:13] Shu-chan: i just wanna go out and have fun and be stupid with my chasy again ;.; those were some good fuckin times..
[22:13] Chasy: you know the other day I missed last summer so much that I bought a pack of american spirits and sat in front of burger king just so I could hold on to memories of me and you waiting for ppl to come to jesse jeans

*insert waterworks here*

[22:13] Chasy: yes but being stupid with eli thomas me you and jessikuh
[22:13] Shu-chan: *sniffle*
[22:13] Chasy: those were better
[22:13] Shu-chan: yeah
[22:14] Shu-chan: are you and jess still together..? i haven’t talked to any of you guys in so long i have no clue whats going on anymore
[22:14] Shu-chan: those were the good days.. not likely we’ll forget those anytime soon
[22:15] Chasy: yes but i wanna to be relived
[22:15] Chasy: yes were still; together
[22:15] Chasy: for almost a year
[22:15] Shu-chan: yeah :)
[22:15] Shu-chan: i’m proud of you guys
[22:16] Chasy: yeah i miss going to the phoeonix then you and ken coming back to jess to have sex then hangout until like 12
[22:16] Shu-chan: ^^;; more like 2
[22:17] Chasy: yes
[22:17] Shu-chan: i miss just hanging out with you guys
[22:17] Chasy: yep
[22:17] Shu-chan: didnt care what we did.. we usually always managed to find some way to have fun
[22:18] Chasy: yep
[22:18] Shu-chan: i still remember that time we actually got everything we had planned for the day done :)
[22:18] Chasy: I still have the list
[22:19] Chasy: I found it troday
[22:19] Chasy: today
[22:19] Shu-chan: ^____^
[22:19] Shu-chan: does it still have our song titles on it/ or was that a different peice of paper?
[22:19] Chasy: nope thats the same piece of paper
[22:20] Shu-chan: ^_^
[22:20] Shu-chan: drag queen super guy?
[22:20] Chasy: fuck I dont know where i put it though
[22:20] Chasy: I( know I kept it
[22:20] Shu-chan: 0’s or o’s
[22:20] Shu-chan: umm i’m engaged to my lesbian lover…
[22:20] Shu-chan: i forget the rest ^^;
[22:21] Shu-chan: jeeze, what the hell were we on when we came up with that shit.. wait don’t answer that.
[22:21] Chasy: drag queen superguy
[22:21] Chasy: we actually werent on nething
[22:21] Shu-chan: yeah thats what i thought right after i said that
[22:21] Shu-chan: was about to say “wait, that was one of our clean and sober days, wasn’t it”
[22:22] Chasy: yep but with jake
[22:22] Shu-chan: yeh
[22:22] Chasy: I miss jake
[22:22] Shu-chan: and his gay pr0n
[22:22] Shu-chan: yeh me too
[22:22] Shu-chan: good times in the laundrymat
[22:23] Chasy: yep
[22:24] Shu-chan: yeh.. we should get together soon.. i miss hangin with you guys
[22:24] Chasy: yep
[22:24] Shu-chan: what are you doing next weekend? not this coming up one, the one after
[22:24] Chasy: iono
[22:25] Shu-chan: wanna go do somethin then?
[22:25] Chasy: oh yes
[22:26] Shu-chan: not sure WHAT, but we’ll think of something. we’re… pretty smart between the two of us :P
[22:26] Chasy: i guess so
[22:26] Chasy: Ok well I got to go
[22:26] Shu-chan: ok
[22:26] Shu-chan: nite nite babe
[22:26] Chasy: so love ya babe good bye
[22:26] Chasy: ps
[22:26] Shu-chan: love ya *kisu*
[22:26] Chasy: get off the anime crap
[22:27] Shu-chan: lol
[22:27] Shu-chan: :P
[22:27] Chasy: it will rot your brain
[22:27] Chasy: well whats left
[22:27] Shu-chan: ^___^
[22:27] Shu-chan: but its funny.. azumanga daioh = fucking lunatic :P
[22:27] Shu-chan: and the ones about the cute little gay boys T_T
[22:27] Shu-chan: alrighty
[22:27] Shu-chan: nite nite hon
[22:27] Chasy: and thats my q to exit
[22:28] *** Chasy signed off at Mon May 19 22:28:00 2003.

blah odhfb [oah [OU!!! i miss him T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T

ahh yes.. everyone who replied to my last post.. thanks a bunch. just wasn’t feeling up to responding to everyone’s comments.. so yeah ^_^;; I’m feeling a little better now.
my pets can go to my moms, sarah’s mom is going to let me keep khisme at their house for a while if i need to, which i am uberly greatful for ^__^

speaking of sarah.. i need to go through my tack and call sarah and see if she needs me to bring anything for rodeo.. ^_^; i think i’m riding lightning, and possibly nikita. :) dear jeebus, i haven’t ridden in MONTHS X_X rodeo is going to kill me. thank god it’s just for fun, not too much is really important and going towards anything.. ^^; hahaha they’re gonna laugh at my ass barrel racing in an english saddle (unless i bring one of my western saddles.. they should fit sarahs horses..) on a tall gangly lookin monstrocity of an araby thing who likes to pivot completely on his front hooves around barrels.. :) bwahahah

but YAY i was talking to richard earlier and it looks like he’ll be able to make it to AX too ^_^ even though we were gonna stay at his house anyway ^_^;; yay richard! yay richard’s awesome mommy! ^___^

bwahhhhahaha gonna die X_X need sleep.. been up since.. 8 yesterday morning and went and visited colin and stuff. sent off mah soul… err.. ebay payments earlier ^___^

.. and i also discovered just what happens when you get car battery acid on your clothing. -.- my black hoodie (like the only thing i wear), the kangaroo pouch is now totally like, dead one one side.. -.- thank you so much dear nii-san for leaving out the small factor your battery you told me to take out of your truck had a NICE BIG FUCKING LEAKING HOLE IN IT -.- bastard.

anyhoo.. talking to sarah now so yeh ^_^ i was right, needed to bring a western saddle. me gos now bai bai!