[Stupid Teenager] Post #5

[04:01] Jackie: Schuldig stood back and admired his handiwork with satisfaction. Another trap set and sprung, and he had Abyssinian captive before him, naked bar a pair of painted-on leather pants.
[04:01] Jackie: :O~~~!!!!
[04:01] Shu-chan: *_______*
[04:02] Shu-chan: wahhhh T_T
[04:02] Jackie: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1313608
[04:02] Jackie: ?
[04:02] Shu-chan: i wanna see that XD
[04:02] Jackie: XD
[04:03] Jackie: “You’re a sick, twisted bastard.”

“Why, thank you. And clever. You forgot clever.”

[04:03] Jackie: NEW PROFILE :D
[04:03] Shu-chan: XD
[04:05] Jackie: “Pants off, Balinese. Let’s see if that cute little ass of yours looks as good naked.”

/You’d better believe it/ Fujimiya was thinking

[04:05] Jackie: XDDD!!! this fic is my new favorite youji/aya
[04:05] Shu-chan: XD
[04:07] Jackie: /Maybe I could spurt a load in Kudoh’s mouth first and then try to escape…/ XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[04:07] Shu-chan: XD
[04:07] Shu-chan: you just damn near made me spit my cigarette out XD
[04:07] Jackie: i’m going to stop >_>
[04:07] Jackie: ahahahaha
[04:08] Jackie: AW SHIT
[04:09] Jackie: *runs off to kill authoress* T_T
[04:10] Jackie: i just realized how loud i had the music on o.o
[04:10] Shu-chan: XD
[04:10] Jackie: …it was pretty loud.
[04:10] Shu-chan: lol
[04:13] Jackie: okay dad went back to bd *turns it up again* ^_^
[04:13] Shu-chan: lol
[04:15] Jackie: i’m hungry
[04:15] Jackie: there’s bacon.
[04:15] Jackie: ……eeeeek i’m going to go eat now o.ol
[04:16] Shu-chan: ol k
[04:16] Shu-chan: *lol
[04:18] Jackie: back
[04:18] Shu-chan: wb
[04:20] Jackie: food :D~
[04:20] Shu-chan: :D
[04:27] Jackie: school baibai
[04:27] Shu-chan: baibai!
[04:27] *** Auto-response from Jackie: Shindemo Ii.

…not that I want to or anything. x_X

[04:27] Shu-chan: write me smut :P
[04:27] Jackie: >_>;;;
[04:27] Jackie: i’ve never written smut before
[04:27] Jackie: but i can try :O
[04:27] Shu-chan: lol
[04:27] Shu-chan: :D
[04:27] Shu-chan: yeh!
[04:27] Jackie: yea
[04:27] Jackie: ranken
[04:27] Jackie: *hides*
[04:27] Shu-chan: YES
[04:27] *** Auto-response from Jackie: writing one just for lindsay XP

ranken XDDDDD

[04:28] Shu-chan: write me ranken
[04:28] Shu-chan: :D
[04:28] Jackie: :O
[04:28] Jackie: you like all pairings dont you XD
[04:28] Shu-chan: yes
[04:28] Jackie: okay oaky i’m ghoing to miss th e bust and die bbaibai
[04:28] Shu-chan: cept yohjixomi
[04:28] Shu-chan: kkbaibai
[04:28] Jackie: i dun like taht pairing >_>
[04:29] Shu-chan: me neither >.> go to schooL~
[04:29] *** Auto-response from Jackie: just for lindsay.


*cackles insanely* rankenrankenrankenrankennnnnnnnnn!!

whaaa i want my shumea-chan to come home so we can have more kenxomi smut T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T
hrm.. i wonder if i should finally get off my ass and make my farf layout for my farfie fanlisting.. hrm.. >.> farfie kicks that ass, man. :D :D D:D: D:D farfiefarfiefarfieeeeeee ^____________^ *shoots self in head* arkjhfk jbdifja !!!! where is nevoi and mah booty T_T i need some amusement.. ferblahh :P :P someone amuuuuuussssssssse meeeeeee.. T_T you all know im easily amused damnit. kjdhf ni!UG!{YUG!

shi-ne motherfscker >.>

which reminds me.. i had some random guy come up and ask if he could walk with me while i was going to the book store to get more manga. he was all like yeh you’re cute and im like yeh i know i get that a lot and i dont care and hes like yeh why not and im like i just dont, i dont care what people think of me and he was like yeh do you party and i was like use to, got in too much trouble tho and he was like family or cops and i was like yeh cops and he was like yeh how old wer eoyu when that happened i was like 16 then he asked how old i was and i was like 17, i got out of rehab 6 months ago and he was all oh.. oh you’re going to barnes and nobles? i gotta leave then cuz im not supposed to be within 15 feet of it and i was like yeh ok bye and went into barnes and nobles and got my new mangas and went and read them while waiting for the bus to colins that i ended up missing so i walked half way across town through that “you dont drive through there at night, much less walk through there in the middle of the day” neighborhood which i kinda grew up in so yeh. heh then i went to colin’s and we fucked around being morons like we are :) let him borrow .hack//sign and he’s gonna burn escaflowne and gundam seed for me ^____________________________________^

mwhehehe and my brother finally gave me azumanga daioh so i can watch the lunatic show :D and i get gigs upon gigs on just about any anime i want for writing his french assignment for him when i know a lick of french bwahahahahaha i so pwnx0rz j00.

X__________X leaving nooooooowwww~~~

look sachi, not as much cursing :P