[Stupid Teenager] Post #14

oh gooooooooooood i am sooooo going to die X_X I have to work tomorrow (read: today.) and I’m not asleeping and apslkjhf [o(UHG!!!
i discovered today that my new love was Wei� Side B Kenken. Omi is still my bitch though :D

… speaking of omi, fanimecon is next weekend and I HAVEN’T STARTED MY COSTUME!! LKJFHD {WOHU!{!! AHH! i think i’m going to get my mom to visit so i can have her take me shopping and get my hair cut and such ^_^

gotta hurry gotta hurry gotta hurry.. @_____@ oh lookie! i put up some of my bloggie crews ^__^ over thereeeeeeeee —————————->

also had to take down Ro-kun’s link cuz his host died on him T__T I sowwy Robbie! :P little bugger doesn’t want to accept my hosting offer… MEH to him ^___^; anyone know anyone who would be willing to host his bloggy? ^__^;

Anyhoo.. i is gonna go bug Riisha and mebbe try to go to sleepu ^_^;