[Stupid Teenager] Post #13

[22:50] Seta Soujiro: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/editorial.php?id=43
[22:55] Shu-chan: ahahahaha
[22:57] Shu-chan: sux for aj
[22:57] Seta Soujiro: gets worse..
[22:58] Seta Soujiro: some ppl are talking about emailing that UV corp. with Killshok(aj’s founder and all around asso’), with killshok’s phone number and address
[22:58] Shu-chan: ehehehe
[22:59] Shu-chan: they [animejunkies] do a shit job subbing anyway, why bother releasing licensed series with better subs?
[22:59] Shu-chan: dumbasses -.-

god, they are dumbasses =-.-=