[Stupid Teenager] Post #12

dear sweet jesus i’m sleepy X_X but hey, at least my shushu is online so we can rp kenxomi mansex ^__________^ hrm… hmm… >_O; *runs off to do kenken post real quicklike*

weee… ~_~ someone shoot me X_X exactly 6 more months and i can legally buy all those things i love so much and can’t buy… well legally anyway… ^_^

ooooh… i know..! I got my spiffy package from anahita yesterday… ^__^ a nice large stack of 11 doujinshis… *drool* mwehehehehe you know a doujin has got to be cool when it’s heero+quatrexduo and it’s called ‘dead drunk’ ^_________^ and i got a realllllly pretty tsuzuki x hisoka yami no matsuei one.. oooh… *__* *cough* and according to it, hisoka is apparently very well hung for a 16 year old XD XD XD ^_________________^

but yeah.. .anyhoo.. my sister gets out of the institution on the 19th.. which is Shime’s birthday.. which is the same weekend as Fanimecon.. ^_^; She’s having my write my first wei� fic and first lemon for her birthday… >.> she can’t decide between ranken or kenran though -.- grrr! speaking of fanimecon i need to finish my costume!! and i might only get to go on saturday T__T hopefully saturday and sunday.. and i can’t wait for AnimeExpo coming up after that! I wanna see Duel Jewel play!!!! T___T and supposedly BLOOD is playing their first US live at Fanimecon!! I wanna be there for that soooooooo bad T__T Mieko-chan might not be able to make it cuz she has to pay bills so I want to take lots of pictures for her.. it’s only fair, she got me into both BLOOD and Duel Jewel ^_^ *cough* and she owns dueljewel.com :P and most of all I WANT TO PRANCE AROUND IN MY OMI COSTUME >____< if i can find everything -.- i don't know where half of my stuff is... will have to borrow niq's braces and probably trisha's shirt.. ^^; she has one almost identical to omi's second season slutboy shirt... ^_______^ *cough*
ewwww…. and my brother just came in and made me give him back his azumanga daioh cds and told me that there was a dead baby rabbit under the stove >_________< (hey, when you live in a barn, shit like that is possible -.-) wahhh... poor wittle usagi-chan T__T T___T T___T speaking of which i have to convince my dad to let me get another rabbit ^_^ i haven’t had one in years… so yeah :D >.> he’ll prolly say ‘there’s plenty of jackrabbits out in the field, go catch one of those -.-‘

chu.. sleepy sleepy shu-chan going to finish her rp and takey a napu ^_^

jaaaaa na!