[Stupid Teenager] Post #11

so anyway, should probably post ^_^;
had a pretty bad scare the other day, my brother IMed me and told me my sister was sent back to the mental institution as a ‘politcal prisoner’ and that my mum had been MIA for a few days, no one had heard from her. which is really, really weird, since she calls every day. usually when stuff like this happens, like a family member is missing or something, i get two intuitions. a good one and a bad one. good one was that maybe my mum was at my sister’s apartment, cleaning up there, bad one, that my mum had gotten hurt somehow. luckily it was the good one. my sister had thrown bathsalts all over her bathroom saying her ‘house is radioactive’ and that ‘the government is out to get her’ etc, etc, etc -.-
Thought’s of why my sister got sent there again:
1. THE MAN busted into her apartment and arrested her for no good reason.
2. she decided it would be a good idea to rant her shit to people and they called the cops.
3. She started freaking out again from discontinuting taking her lithium.

*cough* here’s the conversation.
[14:55] Seta Soujiro: …
[14:55] Seta Soujiro: so dana just called me
[14:56] Seta Soujiro: apparently, stephanie’s in a mental hospital again
[14:56] Seta Soujiro: a ‘political prisoner’
[14:56] Shu-chan: lmao!!
[14:56] Shu-chan: XDXD
[14:56] Shu-chan: >.> she must’ve stopped taking the lith
[14:56] Seta Soujiro: and mom is MIA, or something
[14:56] Shu-chan: >.>
[14:56] Shu-chan: das not good
[14:57] Seta Soujiro: something
[14:57] Seta Soujiro: wonder why she didn’t call me
[14:57] Shu-chan: >.<
[14:57] Shu-chan: yeh
[14:57] Shu-chan: she usually calls every day
[14:58] Seta Soujiro: you?
[14:58] Shu-chan: or dana
[14:58] Seta Soujiro: stef?
[14:58] Shu-chan: as far as i know steph doesnt have a phone
[14:59] Seta Soujiro: *shrugs*
[14:59] Shu-chan: iunno
[14:59] Shu-chan: >.>
[14:59] Shu-chan: how did dana find out then?
[14:59] Shu-chan: steph call him?
[14:59] Seta Soujiro: yea
[14:59] Shu-chan: ah
[14:59] Seta Soujiro: from the hospital, i guess
[14:59] Shu-chan: prolly
[15:00] Shu-chan: -.- wonder what she did to get back there
[15:00] Seta Soujiro: she’s a political prisoner
[15:00] Seta Soujiro: >_:
[15:00] Seta Soujiro: >_>
[15:00] Seta Soujiro: The MAN
[15:00] Shu-chan: >.>
[15:00] Shu-chan: so The MAN just waltzed into her apartment and said “hey bitch youre a political prisoner” ?
[15:01] Seta Soujiro: something like that
[15:01] Shu-chan: dear god
[15:01] Seta Soujiro: more likely, she was talking crazy to some ppl and they called the cops on her
[15:01] Shu-chan: seems more likely
[15:01] Seta Soujiro: and the cops said “she’s a looney”
[15:01] Seta Soujiro: or, the man knew, and had the cops set up a secret scheme to take her down
[15:02] Seta Soujiro: so she couldnt’ spread word about the sinister plots about to befall us all
[15:02] Seta Soujiro: <_ <
[15:02] Seta Soujiro: >_>
[15:02] Shu-chan: i’m voting on the crazy talk
[15:02] Shu-chan: >.>
[15:02] Shu-chan: < .<
[15:02] Shu-chan: < .>
[15:02] * Seta Soujiro goes to get a shelf
[15:02] Shu-chan: XD
[15:02] Shu-chan: gonna buy one instead?
[15:03] Shu-chan: ehh i’m more worried about mom being MIA -.-
[15:03] Seta Soujiro: call dana, he’s got the info
[15:04] Shu-chan: i’ll wait till he gets home… then again i should have him go to the mailbox. i want my stack of doujinshi -.-
[15:04] Seta Soujiro: i’m gone ~

so yeah, anyway. my mom showed up a few hours later and told me she had been at my sisters house. -.- and it’s freaky how predictable my sister is. she had stopped taking the lithium, spazzed out on some people in food 4 less, f4l called the cops on her and they took her to the looney bin. She’ll be in there for about two weeks. oh well. not too worried about her. it’s weird. i love her, but i severely hate her. was more worried about my mum, didn’t want nothing to have happened to her. T_T oh well, my mom brought me a letter my sister wrote me when she came back from visiting, -.- she apologized for all the shit she did to me over rodeo weekend.. hn, -.-

In other news, i play in another weiss rp as farfie :P as usual :P
and i need to get my toboe and omi costumes together, like, seriously >.>
and i should go to the phoenix tonight to visit people. exposure is playing.. hmm.. i know i’ve seen them before, but i don’t remember them or what they sound like, or if i even liked them. XD ahahaha oh well :) going now :D