[Stupid Teenager] Post #18

waiii!!! New layout!! ^_____^ BLAH ITS TEH SLUTTY HISOKA PICCIE!!!

i was sad/mad yesterday because no one woke me up and i was supposed to meet chasy and jess in bennet valley at 4.. didn’t wake up till ~10 pm when the grand finales for the fireworks were going on for both santa rosa and rohnert park.. i guess thats the only reason i like it right here, i can see both cities displays..

blah. chase and jessica are going to be pissed off at me for blowing them off (UNINTENTIONALLY!!!!) again T___T

grr… ;.;

so yeah.. anyway.. i lied about the layout.. it WAS going to be Aya, I swear it!! really i do! then i found this piccie of ‘soka on my HD… T__T oh well. rankun will have to wait till next time :D :D:D

gooooooooing now to leech more files.. tata