[Stupid Teenager] Post #17

weeee. me is teh lazy. happy 4th everyone who lives in teh us..

and happy birthday to everyone’s favorite katana bearing death glaring shi-ne takatori swearing redhead, Fujimiya Ran :P
hmm.. started on a new layout with mr. aya man on it todaaaaaaaay… prolly put it up tomorrow.. i get to go hang out with chasy and jesskuh today so yeay!! :D

yesterday went to my brothers.. gave me a bunch of new anime serieses… started watching hikaru no go.. downloaded what they have so far of Apocripha/0 and haven’t read it.. haven’t read any of the ~500 mb of manga scanslations i’ve downloaded in the last week.. ^__^

saw chasy and jess on wednesday at the market.. me and onii-chan and chasy and jesskuh ran around like morons because we could.. not mucho else going on.. i’m sleepy ~_~


/me babbles incessantly…
/me has spent way too much time on IRC in the last three years and actually speaks at times in ‘slash me does this’ or ‘lol’

~_~ i have got to find better things to do XD