[Stupid Teenager] Post #24

x.x stupid dad being loud and barging in to get the clothes i forgot to set out to put in the laundry and waking me up at 5 am ~_______~

weeee.. anyhoo, went to see pirates of the caribbean again with my brother, watching johnny depp run around like a fairy pirate is fun! *snickers* I seriously have to start packing @_@ dad’s been gettin on my case about it.. blah. will have to wait until i get home later.. have to burn a bunch of crap off my comp, goin to my brother’s today to upgrade my compy… new mobo/faster processor/more ram/another hard drive/new OS/possibly faster burner and filling hard drives full of anime ^0^ hurrah, perhaps I can finally get closer to completing some of my freakin series i have like 3-15 episodes of @_@ hurrah more dnangel and loki and.. other.. stuff :D!

bah, my arms and legs are sore, and my ankle is getting all fat and sore again, stupid thing -.- normally i’d say “kick it, it’ll feel better”, but i tried that and it hurt. silly me. have to work monday and tuesday, possibly wednesday.. rawwwwwwwwwr. I need to get my weiss kreuz dvds back from Tess and my saiyuki dvds back from Dominic.. @_@

*staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs 6 am*

…goodbye, off to burn :)