[Stupid Teenager] Post #27

well, as of midnight was marked my last night here.. i’ve been packing all sorts of stuff for a few hours, it’s weird cuz i just threw all my clothes dirty and clean in garbage bags (cuz i’d need to do laundry anyway) and other than that all i’ve really done is pack almost an entire box with all sorts of random stuff that came off my walls and off my desk and bed.. ~__~ Damn, Ima gonna miss everyone down here ;__; chase said he’d drive up and visit me like every weekend, so yay chasy babe. I love that boy, I do.

Blahhhhhhh no.. more.. packing.. ~___~ but in good news, I will actually have TV TO WATCH on wednesday and possibly a cable modem by next weekend :D :D:D:D:D:D weeee.

hmm.. the poll.. Well it’s definate that OVA Omi won, but here are the results for everything :D (these are taken from the poll, comments, and what people just told me)

1 (Mission Omi). 2
2 (OVA Omi). 9
3 (Slutboy Omi). 3
4 (Nagi). 0
5 (Mission Ken). 0
6 (Mission Youji). 3
7 (Farfarello). 4
8 (Hisoka). 5
9 (Setsuna). 0
10 (Toboe). 0

Welp, that settles it :D OVA Omi it is. And possibly Slutboy Omi for the random parties :D because Orlana-sama ish teh awesome and offerent to make me the shirt :D!! (still gotta talk to her about that.. ^^)

BLAHHHHHHH at least at my mums I’ll have access to a sewing machine and stuff :) then i can get all my stuff made properly.. because quite frankly, sewing shit by hand is a pain in the ass :D I’m still going to finish my Omi mission costume, mostly because I want to cosplay mission Omi eventually >< probably fanimecon or AX 2004.. Weeeee although.. possibly.. Sachiko, Echiko and I may do an Apocripha/0 cosplay group :D I think Sachi wanted to cosplay Sapphirus.. he would have a totally fun costume to make and wear :D fweee…

It’s like what 4 am and I’m just kinda sitting here babbling about nothing in particular >___> mebbe I’ll take a nap for a few hours so I don’t fall asleep in the middle of moving everything… yea.. that could work… although.. hmm… still have to finish packing.. but.. i can do that when i wake up.. hrm… blah… 4 am you suck i hate you.. weeee random quick fast fast typing that i dont really know what the fuck it says on my broken assed keyboard. yeaaaah that’s it, i need to get a new keyboard AND a new soundcard cuz they’re both like all broken and stupid and stuff. and oh my this post is starting to get long @___@ You know, I may possibly make a new layout soon.. wee… hrm.. Oh da.. I think i’ma be quite busy in the next few weeks.. have to edit a chapter of FB for hoshi, then do all the SFX for a chapter of Negima cuz the real editor is in the middle of like tests week or something stupid like that, have to start editing a yami doujinshi.. and possibly if i get the translations supposed to edit yami vol 5 ch 3.. weeeeeeeee I wonder if maybe I should actually like.. start READING the massive pile of scanlations on my HD.. oh well ~__~ x.x I am going to pass out for a little while. and on that note

tsuhan tsuhan chachacha!!