Welp, been at mommy’s for a week now.. next time I go down to santa rosa and petaluma I’m gonna take Sean the kitten we have here.. beware dude, this thing is a little brat who gnaws on everything (including people) x.x My new layout for my collective is almost finished, thank you muchos Sachiko for giving me the picture to use ^0^

Da~~~ one of my kitties is hurt ;__; I was outside and let the cat it and noticed it was limping.. almost started spazzing cuz i didn’t know my mum’s phone number at the vet clinic but i ended up calling my dad’s cell about 932764976324 times because he was up here for the weekend and at the moment he was in town at the hardware store picking up plumbing fixtures so he could fix the pipes so we could actually have running water in here.. w00t we finally can like, use the toilet and actually flush it >_> don’t have hot water yet, have to get a new propane tank. er.. wait.. getting off track. the kitty. right ^__^; So yeah, I managed to get ahold of my dad and he was like like “no i wont go in and bug her, i’ll drive by to see what it’s called and called you back so you can call in a leave a message” so he did and i did and stuff.. mum came home at lunch and checked out kitty.. it’s soemthing in it’s hock.. either broke it or got bit in the joint, which is really bad.. there’s a cat around here that goes for the joints when it attacks.. that’s why my kitty is crippled. cat attacked him a couple years ago and my mum didn’t notice anything till it was already way infected.. ;__;
blah~~~~ I’ma try to get Chasy or someone to come get me soon, I’m bored and sniffly and sinus headachey and all out allergic to everything x.x

bwa~~ got cable tv finally on wednesday.. is it sad that in the 4 days since i’ve had cable i’ve seen the xfiles about 30 times? @___@

laaaaaaadidada. got gluhen vol 1 dvd in the mail the other day.. woohoo for bootlegs :D if it ever comes out in the us.. i’ll buy it.. eventually.. just like the weiss box set.. >_> argh.. i need to get my weiss dvds back from tess. someone remind me to do that next time i go to the phoenix. I miss my weiss boys ;__; and colin, don’t worry about the cds i gave you (unless there in actuality are episodes of gluhen on those cds, i forget >_>) bro is gonna encode US dvd rips ^^;

i seriously, seriously need something to do >_> I’m supposed to be editing fruits basket and doing the sfx and proofedit for negima.. wai.. being lazy… x.x

oioi, I actually started writing again :D!!!! *is in the middle of writing smut xP* mebbe i’ll post when i’m finished.. involves ken, omi, school uniforms and cherry tootsiepops >_> ^_______________________________^

…and with that, new screenname, people :D xProdigyKittenx