[Stupid Teenager] Post #29

yeaaaaaay my compy lives ;___; It died about a week ago.. so i got a new hard drive and reformatted and stuff and it’s all better.. only bad part is i don’t have my best friend photoshop til wednesday at least.. x.x stupid viruses. and stupid me forgot to burn off all my lovely 500+ fonts before doing so.. bakabakabakabaka. hmm..

lake county is teh suck. wtf is there to do here besides sit around and pick your ass? i mean, at least when i lived in upper lake i could torment little kids, but there’s like.. nothing here.. ~__~ BUT! Sarah is coming to visit me tommorrow and we’re gonna go back to her house and she’s gonna make me ride lightning.. something about she needs someone who knows what they’re doing to work the little bugger of an overgrown monstrocity of an arab ^__^ speaking of which, I want khisme.. ;__; still have to find a truck and trailer so I can bring her up and keep her at the neighbors (her daddy is there too ^_______^) possibly shall make sarah stop over in lakeport on the way back and stop by the dmv to get my state id.. cuz my mum said one of the kennel hands at her work (clearlake vet clinic) quit.. and working at a vet clinic is something i could do n_____n

hmm… Sean, hows my bratty little shithead of a kitten? calming down, hopefully.. normie is starting to gain weight which is reaaaaaally good, he looks all healthy and stuff now n__n fuckin picky eater for a chihuahua >_> and seriously folks, HOW MANY TIMES DOES HBO NEED TO PLAY HARRY POTTER IN TWO WEEKS? i swear i’ve seen it about 30 times now >_>

..i wonder if sarah has my helmet.. i know she’s got my saddles.. iunno where my jod boots or half chaps are though, daner prolly threw em in storage like a dumbass.. but then again, being at my mums i can just steal her jod boots :D (note to self: get a new pair of ariats, find a long-sleeved orange shirt and a long-sleeved tealish shirt) i’ve decided~~ my halloween costume shall be OVA Omi (hence the blue long-sleeved shirt) and for sarah’s party, Hisoka :D:D (hence the orange one n__n)
heh, I was watchin Yami no Matsuei when my mum came home for lunch yesterday.. and it was the episode that explains what Muraki (<3<3<3) did to Hisoka (*________*) and my mum was like “are those both guys?” “yep” “oh, right. they seem gay” “uhh yeah. that guy there *points to Muraki-sama* is Muraki. He’s your token sadistic doctor. and the blonde kid is Hisoka. he’s kinda dead.” “oh, how’d he die?” “Muraki raped and cursed him and murdered him” “….what an asshole”

..i love my mum xPPP I’m beginning to wonder why she doesn’t seem to expect anything about my yaoibitchness >_> my yami doujin (sankuu *smoochu* ^__^) has been sitting around in the living room since I moved here.. been meaning to scan the rest for Sakura-crisis.. heh. Ohhh yeah~~~ I dun remember if I mentioned it but I’m the new maintainer of S-C.net n__n because Sakura is being a frat party bum and Crisis is being a.. frat party bum. :D:D:D:D:D Ph34r teh katze :D:D

Ooooh.. when I get off my ass and code it, I’ll also have a lovely new lj layout courtesy of Sachiko n__n ooo yeah! Sachiko and Echiko got their domain a couple weeks ago ^__^ Promised-dream.net So I plug, because these two girls are totally awesome *lublub* and therefore I plug them ^_____^

…… *runs off to finish windows updates =x* jabaibai!