[Stupid Teenager] Post #34

blah ~_~ bored, cold and lonely. so I’m going to gripe and whine about how much this fucking town sucks. Have no contact with people, seeings how even though this should be the middle of my senior year I’m not in school, and not like there’s really anything to do to actually go MEET people. the only places I actually go are safeway, the post office, rhea ann’s and the vet clinic, and i’ve only even been to the clinic once >_> make that soon to be twice when I go with my mum to help em move stuff before they repaint the place.. ~_~ Speaking of post office, I should’ve gone today when mum woke me up at 2, but went back to sleep..

Maybe even though I took the test and passed, so am technically out of high school.. I could probably go back and attempt to get a real diploma.. wait. there was a reason I took the test to get out. because everyone was a fucking moron, they didn’t teach me anything and I could’ve recited the fucking books to them >_> seriously. Charpiot, my US History teacher in junior year, I had him for US history in EIGHTH FUCKING GRADE.

Dammit I miss Santa Rosa and Petaluma ;_; so much it makes me want to cry, and I HATE crying. very few people ever have seen me cry.. maybe 4.. lesse.. Todd has, Alex, Morgan.. and.. if anyone else, I don’t remember who. Fuck. I don’t even know what to write ~__~ So I’m going to go wallow in self pity and continue on my path of stereotypical teenage angst. This is Bob Barker signing out, saying chickens and hens ARE the same thing, because Yvon the fisherman said so. [Thank you, Nevoi]

oh yeah, for those of you who were interested, I uploaded Open up your mind – Chinese version from Saiyuki. It’s really pretty. You should get it. Just don’t murder teh ukepile’s bandwidth. I only got about 15 gigs left for this month :P

and oh yeah. someone buy me this because it’s purty. Have fun at school, kids

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  1. I can’t wait to get out of school. You’re so lucky to be out. Everyone at my school’s a moron as well. Awesome layout! I love the colors!

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