[Stupid Teenager] Post #35

mleh…. I feel horrible.. I made mum cry without meaning to.. in my entire 18 years on this planet, I’ve NEVER seen her break down and cry.. She won’t even talk to me now ;_; I tried telling her I was sorry and she wouldn’t even look at me..

Alright.. this is how.. K, my computer is on the floor behind the couch, and my mum was on the couch watching tv.. I turned around and patted her cheek and woke her up [I couldn’t see her face so I didn’t know she was asleep…] and she was like “why can’t you just leave me alone!” “go away!” then started crying.. like actually shaking and sobbing.. then she went to her room and wouldn’t talk to me or look at me when I tried to apologize.. She came back out a little while ago and wouldn’t talk to me when I tried talking to her then either.. then she went back into her room and hasn’t come out since..

god dammit, I’m such a bad fucking daughter. I don’t ever do anything for her, never do anything she asks me to.. ;__;

.. I’m sorry momma.. dammit I hate crying. ima go now.

3 thoughts on “[Stupid Teenager] Post #35”

  1. bah mothers can be interestingly complex. you can bitch at them for one hour and they won’t get pissed…and then if you accidently do one little thing they break down.

    hmm…on second thought, they break down on both.

    always think happy thoughts! xD

  2. Awww… TT__TT *cuddles* Shu-chan.. daijoubu desu.. I understand how you feel. It’s like, because currently, I still don’t have the freedom to do whatever I want, and I slowly forget the Chinese virtue of honoring… and then I’ll end up, like, almost taking advantage of my mom or whatever you call it.. like, even when she does something for me, I don’t return anything and fail her T__T I understand how you feel..

    Don’t worry, since you didn’t mean to do it, don’t blame the crap all to yourself! She was probably in a really bad mood [although I know not what happened..] and wanted to be alone, you know? *hugs* Wait a while and try again, and maybe it’ll help ^_^

    Now don’t cry now, ne? ;_;

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