[Stupid Teenager] Post #32

BWahahaa ^__^ I live [and so does my bloggie xP] Jayme forgot to renew the domain, and has since switched to a new host, that’s why it’s been down xp So I haven’t been able to write!! [and i got too lazy for livejournal.. xPP] But… I had a lot of fun a couple weeks ago ^___^

I went up to Sarah’s on Sunday (October.. 20somethingth xP) to help her set up for her halloween party on nov. 1 ^_^ Me and Eric were there till wednesday, helping her take care of massive amounts of puppies and kittens xPP and cleaning of course =3 I came home on wednesday night because my dad needed my help (and I needed to go to the post office to send off some payments for some things.. ^__^) and trisha’s mom picked me up and took me back to Sarah’s on thursday afternoon when she brought Trisha and Sean up ^_^ We ended up watching all of Yami no Matsuei, the Wei� Kreuz OVA twice (or three times..), All of Gravitation, and umm.. Ninja Scroll, i think Macross Plus (or at least started to watch it)… then they let me watch yaoi >-) We watched Level C, umm Ai no Kusabi and.. uhh.. the first episode of Boku no Sexual Harassment xP They were laughing.. and going “dammit! aren’t they gonna screw already?!!” i was scared because these are like.. none yaoi-lovers xPP So yeah.. Friday night Marcus, Kayla, Nichol, Sky, Kris and Ben came up (cuz they thought the party was on halloween, not the day after xPP) and we had fun.. Ph34r teh nutterbutters >-) that week was all in all extremely perverted xD Sarah took Trisha to the porn shop after she got out of her JC class and she bought like economy sized lesbian and gay porn xDD 3 of each. I ended up with one of em =3

Trisha got pissed off at me though because I was snuggling and sleeping with Sky.. and she’s had a really huge crush on him for YEARS. ~__~ She thought we like had sex or something when all we did was kiss.. O_o;; xDDD seems like every year at one of sarah’s parties I end up snuggling and sleeping with a different guy xD last year it was Eric. (Sky was more comfortable this year, and last year he was attached to Trish o_o) Daadaa, on Saturday me, Sarah and Nichol went riding.. I haven’t ridden since the last time i was at sarah’s for about 10 minutes because my leg cramped up so bad i couldn’t hold on.. ^^; I got to ride Nikita, yeay ^__^ I love that horse.. I want her ;__; Hehehe She hadn’t been ridden in like 4 months o__o But she was very good ^_^ Hehe she’s the only one of Sarah’s horses that hasn’t at least tried to buck me off xDD Lightning’s tried and never succeeded, and Glory tried a couple times but only succeeded once (at the memorial day rodeo and gymkhana in.. may. I posted about it in here ^^). Demo.. I fell off him once (and landed on my feet xP) at Sarah’s halloween party last year.. I was jumping him over a pretty big log (for me, considering I haven’t taken a horse over anything over a foot tall in like 5 years xP) uphill and I lost my concentration cuz Seekah ended up coming down the driveway right at that time.. ^^; hmm.. what else happened at the party.. oh yeah xDD

Me and Sky and Sarah ended up getting into a biting war >=) I gave sky a nice bruise even though I didn’t mean to xDD and apparently me and Sky kicked sarah off the bed on saturday night because the three of us (and they’re both pretty big compared to me..) were all huddled and huggling up in a twin sized bed in the loft in the aframe.. which I think was weird because I was sleeping on TOP of him >_> ehehehehe. I think Eric thought we were screwing the next morning because we had been talking (and still lazing around in bed in the loft cuz it was warm..) and eric came in and was downstairs and was like “hey guys how’s it going?” *starts to climb up ladder to loft* and we started cracking up and Eric was like *stops on second step* “on second thought, I don’t wanna know what you’re doing…” *leaves* tehehehehe..

Anyhoo.. that’s about it for the party. Kris left on Friday night, Sky and Ben left on Saturday morning, Sky came back saturday night.. and we all for the most part left on sunday ^^; And.. lesse… not much has gone on since then, I’ve lounged around on my butt in front of the computer and slept xP Demo.. The stuff I mentioned I had to go pay for (the reason i came home wed. night), some of it came yesterday :D:D I got the first two volumes of Apocripha/0 and two really pretty Apo/0 Jade x Platina yaoi doujinshis ^___^ covers are attached to these links.. xD 1) Front + Back 2) Front + Back. Aren’t they pretty?! The cover for the second one is shiny, so that’s why it looks kinda funny in the scan.. and the first one, the art is almost exactly like the manga *__* hehehe.. oh yeah, and I scanned THIS out of the manga because I thought it was funny looking and cute xPP *odd child* Oh dear, I’v written a lot o__o *posts already xDD* oh yeah!! Sachiko and Echiko both have new layouts ^__^ Bootiful, girls!