Apo/0 games came the other day, fweee ^_^ To celebrate, MY LJ got a new layout >=) Then… u.u I reformatted my hard drive about an hour ago, downloading all the freaking windows updates >_< estimated 305 more minutes till it's done u.u that's like.. 5 hours or something >_>

ANYWAY. This song is really pretty… This version anyway.. The Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin/whatever the hell you wanna call the language ^_^ (it just says chinese.. and as far as I know chinese is only a written language.. *shrugs*) version of Open Up your Mind from Gensomaden Saiyuki ^_^ I mean.. the original version was good too, I just think this one sounds prettier ^_^ Ooohh.. someone remind me to go to the post office later! I’ve gotta go send payments off for a Whistle! doujinshi (no yaoi, unfortunately.. it’s sad, I know ._.) and an english Kenshin doujin ^_^ hurrah for American doujin artists =3 And it’s Soujiro too.. <3 Soujiro *-*

BWAHAHA. I’m too damn nice for my own good xD Burning 2 copies of the Alex and Platina discs, and 3 of the Fan Box for people xP oooh yeah.. OI!! Sachiko! Echiko! Gotta couple random more caps and clips from the Fan Box for ya ^_^ Hit me up on aim or something =3 andu.. FWEEE! only 8 more hours till my Rag ep is done xPPP HMMM!!! what to do, what to do.. gonna wait till later to reinstall my ftp stuffez.. maybe I’ll like make another layout for something or something.. I could make a new layout for here cuz like it’s been up for a month but HEY I LIKE my LOKI layout ^_^

…..*is rambling now*

…..someone save me from myself ._.

2 thoughts on “sleepy..”

  1. Oooh..lucky I wanna play that game ^_^ heard it’s good ALso a chinese version of a saiyuki song?? Cool I gotta hear it ^^

  2. *at school right now* XD

    BeJEEBUS, xD *takes Sapphi layout away* You made me drool so bad, you know?! XDDDDD Kyaa!!! Andu andu… *___* HAppiness Cage.. *floats* NE ne, you should join the Apo/0 blog crew as someone? *grins* XD Andu andu…Chinese song? O__O Ooo!! Wanna hear!! >XD Could you send it to me when I get on? *nikoniko* ^__^

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