Kiikaa, I love you!! *sniffles* for-nagi (29k image) You, my dear, are my hero and muse ;_;

fleh.. Mum’s talking to me again, she told me she was really depressed but didn’t tell me why.. though I think I can figure it out myself.. I made a random layout for my graphics site earlier, probably will make a couple more xP yeay. *feeling creative* demo, I can’t think of anything to make a new layout with for my bloggie! o_o; ^^;

I’m watching Lassie.. heh. Old Skoo~~ which reminds me, my mum’s dog decided it would be fun to gnaw on my Platina discs for Apo/0 >_< brat! They were sitting in their baggie on top of my tower.. why out of all the books and stuff on there did she choose that ;__; *clings to Sachi* sankyuuuuuu for offering to send me a new copy xP I love you~!