So tired ~_~ was supposed to go to Santa Rosa today to stab my horses with needles (aka give em their second West Nile vaccines..) but I was sleepin…. mum didn’t even bother waking me up u.u now she blames me because her arm hurts because she went and got her pneumonia shot instead and said had she taken me she woulda forgotten and gone without a sore arm xPPPP ARGGGHHHH my stomach hurts ;_; stupid being a girl-ness. *shoots it* But yeay, my subdomain is back working again and stuff xP Oh yeah.. and TEH UKEPILE got a new layout too ^__^ SEEEEETSUUUUNAAAAAAAA-SAAAMAAAAAAAA!!! and uhh… I’m hosting again on my domain so if anyone knows anyone that needs hosting.. xD
OH YEAH! i was talking to my dad on the phone earlier and he asked what I want for christmas… I get another domain >=) and possibly I will make him buy me large amounts of manga and anime stuffs =3 Hrm.. and supposedly in December my dad is taking me to Virginia for a couple weeks to stay with my grandma, gonna get her a computer and stuff @_@ so maybe at least I won’t be totally bored out of my mind as a very-shortly-will-be-18-year-old stuck with a 54 year old man and a 76 year old woman xP =3 which means I’ll have to find an IRC client for mac xP shouldn’t be too difficult =3 Oh damn.. I neeeeeed to go to the post office tomorrow and i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to take a shower and grrrrrrrrrrrr.. Well yesterday was Ewwic’s 19th birthday, so happy birthday, love!
~_~ *growls* go away, cramps ;_; *grabs bottle of midol and goes byebye*

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