ugh, been hectic lately ~_~ my sister called at 4 am the other day basically just to scream at me for not writing her a letter, screaming at me to tell her where her dad is, to wake mum up and stuff, giving me the usual death threats -.- told me if i didn’t wake mom up i should just kill her, bash her upside the head with the phone if i had to to wake her up -_- blah blah blah more death threats, saying that if i don’t prove i’m her sister, then i’m her enemy and she’s gonna kill all her enemies etc -.- fucking psychotic bitch. needless to say she’s in the mental hospital for the third time in the last 6 months -.-

oh yeah, and 3 hours after those 20 calls (i kept hanging up on her because she wouldn’t stop screaming at me when i asked her not to), we get another call saying that a family friend that i’ve known since i was a little kid and pretty much taught me most of what i know about dressage and stuff only has an estimated 6 months to live from cancer ~_~ BLAH not happiness -.-

good news is, michelle said she has room for khisme, and will haul her up for me in a couple weeks too. that’ll make me happeh~ i want my horse back ;_; Oh yeah, got a couple more yaoi games in the mail yesterday from a friend, weee ^_^ Sachi, Echi, i’ll burn those for you too when I send ^^ what else.. oh yeah~~ My dear Tofu-chan sent me the Apo/0 drama album ^____^ *luvs* Andu.. The episode of Loki I just watched HAS to be the funniest one xDD The looks on Fenrir’s face through the whole thing… xDD;; When my photoshop stops being prickish, I’ll take some screencaps xD Man that episode had everything., including adult Loki *-*

It’s been really cold lately too -.- Major suckage. doesn’t get any higher than about 40 degrees, and lowest is about 25 ;_; farking cold! Oh yeah, I’m getting a new domain (along w/ukepile) soon, but I dunno what to call it! help me~~~ gimme ideas xP

…new layout soon, too :D