[Stupid Teenager] Post #38

watching: Prince of Tennis 35 [again] (YEAY Drive B & Fujicest =3)
mood: worried..

welp.. today’s surgery day.. *crosses fingers and closes eyes* ganbatte ne, koneko-chan… I sure hope this surgery works and my kitty’ll come home soon.. I don’t want to have to have his leg amputated ;_______;

fweh. Reformatted yesterday so I have my burner and dvd drives back, but stupid stupid me decided it would be fun to hit “delete” on some stuff that was copying back to desktop from my other ‘safety’ drive -_- which means I lost two almost completed downloading episodes of PoT and a bunch of other shizzle i’ll probably need next week or a month from now or who knows when >.< Either this weekend or the one after next Michelle is taking me down to pick up Khisme so I’ll have my horse back finally *sniff* I need mum to call her about it and see when she wants to go so i can let Cassie know we’re coming to get Khis and to leave the keys somewhere where I can actually get a truck and trailer into the property, and so I can get into the barn and get Khis’ blanket and stuff =/
I miss my horses. I miss my cat. I miss my friends. hoi… nya.. ~__~

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