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waiii eiji XD;

I have been watching entirely too much PoT these past couple days o_o started watching on um, saturday i think, and am now on episode 60 o_O hurrah for all day/night/weekend anime benders feeding off of potatoes and pretzels xD

*cough* anyway. I have got to be the only person in the entire country who has a family in which punches are thrown during thanksgiving >_> My spastic psychotic bitch of a sister got out of the hospital again day before so she was there, bouncing off walls and picking fights with everyone, saying WE were the ones being rude when she was like stealing everyones stuff (she stole money from my brother to buy cigarettes, then she stole all but 3 of MY cigarettes out of my bag >_< bitch needs to learn that "yes, you can have one since i'm smoking anyway.." does NOT mean "OH YES! YOU CAN TAKE ALL MY CIGARETTES WITHOUT MY FARKING PERMISSION!!" -.- that was my pack for the week too -_-) was taking huge platefuls of food, eating two bites then saying it tasted like shit and threw it away, constantly calling us all names (her favorites for me seemed to be bitch, slut, whore, etc) and just generally disrespecting us all, then she sat there wondering why we wouldn't give her any respect. -.- needless to say she went back to the institution last night, Kirby called me at like 1130 and told me and mum that she went back -.-''
but anyway, back to the punches, I wouldn’t get out of the seat I was sitting in for her, she attacked, I barely even fought back, mostly just blocking her, and I still won >_> have a small bruise under my left eye that’s about it, she’s covered in scratches and bruises >=) *evil bitch*

oh yeah, and my lovely thanksgiving ‘feast’ consisted of a bottle of cider, two cookies I ate at about 3 (food was finished around 6..) and um, three squares of french bread in crab dip. :D hurrah.
~_~ I think the only good thing that came out of spending thanksgiving with my family was that my brother gave me the rest of Rag, 1-38 of Naruto, 1-97 of PoT, Serial Experiments Lain, some random anime I have no clue what it is, 8 eps of Onegai Twins, 15-end of wolf’s rain, and um, other.. stuff.. ) and was like knocking shit over and not cleaning it up, constantly filled up her plate, ate two bites that I can’t think of ^_^. Oh yeah. FLCL. Because he said I had to watch it. even though I already saw some of it and it scared me. xD; Oh, that, and I got to shower too, which made me happeh.

And I shall have a new layout soon. Yeay. I’ve almost decided on what it’s gonna be xP

3 thoughts on “ehehe”

  1. … o_o

    May I ask where you found that Loki image for your awesome layout? I don’t think I’ve seen it before, and the scary fangirl within me has awakened…

    Sorry about your insane Thanksgiving. It’s a good thing that anime heals all, or else we’d be in trouble… ^^

  2. You have a really cute layout… ^^ Manantei Loki Ragnarok is an anime I’ve been wanting to see!~
    I just wanted to drop by and say how cute your layout is :3 I LOVE the legend about Loki…~

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