Generic Title #1

Fweee~~ Yatta! My bloggie’s all fixed ^_^ SurpassHosting banned greymatter so I had to get Jayme to install b2 for me ^^;

Uber uber happy yesterday, I got to play angsty Akito/Yuki with Mengsy-dear and my drawing tablet came! It wasn’t supposed to come till tomorrow o__o lol Sachi, you’ll have to wait for a few days till I get the hang of it for me to draw anything spiffy for you :P

Norman [my chihuahua] got some dental work done yesterday so he’s not feeling well.. Poor little guy’s mouth hurts. He had to get a tooth pulled out because it was so infected that it was affecting his sinuses, eating away at them and stuff ._. currently he’s lying on my bed whimpering. Oh holy monkey balls this is off subject but I just noticed my TeniPuri 113 was finished downloading xD; *cuddles and tries to comfort her doggie*

My cat’s doing a lot better now too, the surgical incisions are starting to heal over and he’s putting some weight on his leg, and he’s getting veeeeeery restless.. lol. He’s starting to get pissy at me cuz I won’t let him out of his cage. hopefully the chicken breast I gave him earlier will make him love me a little more xP He was being very good earlier when I gave him his medicine too. Didn’t put up a bit of a fight. I want to let him out to stretch a bit but I can’t.. He’ll be fine for a while, the cage he’s in is pretty big. It’s one of my old rabbit cages ^^;

fweeee~~ I started drawing again this morning and am almost finished colouring Eda’s Jyousei twincest christmas giftie piccie xP It’s pretty so far *0* even if I can’t draw arms.. or hands.. or feet.. or legs.. xD; it gets the point across though, ehehehe. I made a new layout for teh Ukepile, and scanned some doujins I’m gonna put up too ^^; I just haven’t gotten around to putting up the new layout.. lol. Maybe tonight. Going to Steve’s tomorrow morning to like.. hang out with family and stuff. Although we pretty much all either got our presents or at least know what they are. From my dad I got the tablet and will be getting a new domain in ~february, from my mum I got a cat with 4 legs xP Steve got a dog with working teeth, lol. My mum was happy at least that because she works at the vets office she gets a free dental for an animal every 6 months, all she has to do is pay for his medication and the iv drip fluids and stuff. She’s started Normie on acupunture type stuff… He gets an arthritis shot twice a week for the next few weeks, each in an acupuncture point, he’ll start getting actual acupuncture soon ^^; His little joints are feeling a lot better, I can tell because he’s actually been streeeeetching out and stuff. *huggles him*

Welp, Ima go watch my PoT 113, be fangirly, and eat. Jya na~