Generic Title #5

Waiii I got two peices of mail yesterday xP; I got a lovely letter from Sachi-dear and a card from Trisha~~ I miss Trish ;_;
Her card said “Lindsay, MWAH! I love you! Ya ya, I know we have had our lil ups and down, but I love you, always will, you’re my Lindsay. Anyway since I can not be there with you I thought I would send yah a card to tell you I am thinking of you my dear. Always, Trisha.” *sniffles* wahhh I love her to peices ;_; I was starting to feel kinda crummy yesterday before I went to sleep. Decided on a hunch that I’d go check the mail, even though it doesn’t usually come till about 1pm. And it was all for me ^_^ Made me feel a lot better reading them. Thanks for the letter, Sachi!! I’ll write you back soon, I pwomise xP I still need to send you Apo/0 fanbox.. xD;

*runs to do other things =3*

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