Generic Title #6

Fwee!! I’ve been very busy today o___o Teh Ukepile got a new layout, a new guestbook layout (my old comments layout ^^; ), and a new section, I finally got my art site up, and I went through and switched 4 of my fanlistings over to PHPFanbase. Three left to do, and I’m dreading copy/pasting to rejoin everyone when I move those over to it xD;

Oh oh! And Linda gave me this lovely gift!

waiii It’s Eiji and Ryoma and so cute xD; Thanks!

My mum’s letting me order some stuff for my birthday, I’m getting the Best of Rival Players Atobe and Shishido/Ootori cd, two Whistle! doujinshis, and two PoT doujins, a Eiji/Ryoma and a Hyoutei one =3 The Hyoutei one is like everyonexshishido xP or rather.. Ootori x Shishido, Oshitari x Shishido, and Atobe x Shishido. Ehehehe. And since my other stack of doujinshi didn’t come today, it’ll probably, HOPEFULLY, come tomorrow ^0^

This kept me amused for hours. xD; YEAY MOMOKAI xD; …and someone find/write me some Kaidoucest. o_o because Kaoru’s brother is freaking hawt. Kaidou’s a freaking little bitchy uke xD; HOORAH.

*runs away to possibly sleep xP*

5 thoughts on “Generic Title #6”

  1. Like, I just stumbled here. LOL. You seem to be as obsessed with Tenipuri as I am XD!!! (You’d be able to see it if I didn’t just recently lock my blog ^^;). Jebus. I must talk to you on AIM.. Need to find more tenipuri freaks x.x!!!!

  2. Wai! The new layout of is cool!! Nice art work you got at snowfire dreams ^___^ very cool!! I’m glad you like my gifty =)

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