kimochi ii~~

MOOZAK; Ometto Samba/I~Jyan
MUUD: pizzed off >.<

meh ._. my kitty’s leg is broken. like severely. They have to take him into surgery on thursday. the worst part is the surgery might not work and might have to amputate the leg =/ he came in the house monday morning not walking on his right front leg.. we thought it was just because it was REALLY freaking cold outside, because his leg was injured a couple years ago so he’s been limping on it since.. but he usually doesn’t mind me messing with his leg and he wouldn’t let me get anywhere near it.. mum took him to work with her yesterday [tuesday] even though it was her day off.. you know the joint ball part thingie on a cat’s front leg? their elbow I guess. well that’s been pretty much broken off and is up about an inch and a half from where it’s supposed to be, and there’s bone fragments and stuff all around it >.< so he's being content in a cage at the vet clinic right now, the damn thing wouldn't stop purring when i went to see him. I loves my kitty ;_; I'm glad though cuz mum'll be the surgery tech when jorge (?) does the surgery. MLEH. on a happier note, i got two new 200 cd cases so i can get the damn things outta spools and into sleeves xD; i think there’s like 5 spaces left and i still haven’t placed cds with miscellaneous eps of stuff or movies O_o; tomorrow [today] i shall clean off the chair and move my compy into my room finally xD; I’ve been being bugged lately to finish my hentai edits xD; *hides from TMH*
welp, gonna let this ep of PoT (SATANIC CRACK, I TELL YOU (*chu to booty*)) finish downloading, watch it, then reformat my hard drive cuz my compy’s being all ghey.

PS: I have reeses peanut butter cups and squirt. FOOD OF THE GODS.