Music: “Aozu – Don’t Look Back” & “Takahashi Hiroki [Kikumaru Eiji] – One (original & karaoke) Waii… Pretty songus *-*

Mood: Hyper/sleepy @_@

Fwee ^_^ My new layout! Eiji yeay!! (be sure to check my comments layout too, I have fun with that xD; ) My dad’s up for the weekend ^_^ He bought me blank cds =3 xD just what I needed, I don’t think my poor hard drives can handle anymore Prince of Tennis xP *-* Damn addicting show *-* I finished 89 episodes in 4 days @_@ ehehehe ^_^

I think later on today before my dad leaves back to Santa Rosa I’m gonna ask him if I can order some “books” (read: tenipuri yaoi doujinshis.) teheheheh. :D I’ve been on a TeniPuri rampage lately xD; Oh oh oh! And I got to talk to EEEEEDUHHH yesterday too! :D I miss her ;_; she seems to be having tons of fun in Japan ^_^ She’s become my Fujicest happy whore with me ^_^ And of course, we can’t forget our Youhei and Kouhei twincest >-) (yeah.. the twins from Jyousei Shounan =3 *licks*)

I.AM. OBSESSED. I haven’t been this fangirly over ANYTHING since weiss back in like ’99 xD; Oh dear xP NEED. MORE. MUZAK!~~ Need faster connection so tenipuri radio downloads faster xD;

…overly happy and excited here.. hmm.. Hopefully Mengs’ll come on today, I miss her!! No her = no RPing for like two weeks! Sad thought, yes I know ;_; Oh well. Christmas break is soon, so I can play with her then :D o_o my birthday is coming up. I seriously need to get off my ass and get to the DMV and get my state ID!! Otherwise I can’t like, buy porn yaoi doujinshi legally! o_o speaking of stuff like that.. I wanna go to Japan Town in San Francisco again ^^; Someone take me for my birthday, onegai xD;

..enough babbling from me, for I have to go pee. xD; jabaibai~

7 thoughts on “Yatta~~”

  1. Hi Katze! I love your new layout!! Eiji is adorable! I also changed my layout not so long ago ^_^ U r such a gr8 web designer! Keep it up!

  2. You finally got a commenting system. xD That’s good because it’s hard to keep track of tagboard sometimes. Anyways, I missed coming here. My blog has been down a while but it’s back up again. I wish I could take you to Japantown but I don’t quite live in California yet. ^^;

    Anyways, take care as I have a few more people left to visit on my blog. *hugs* xDDD

  3. KAWAII!!!! It’s EIJI! *_*!! And it’s so icy and blue and just PURTY, girl XD!!! and I just LOVE the commenting layout *points to chibis* I see the fangirlness spilling XD Kyaa!! XDD You tell me when you go to Japantown again, the time the date, and I’ll BUG my mom to take me there that day too >XD!!!!

  4. Wai Wai!! The new blog layout is so cool!! Eiji is so CUTE!! love the layout of this comment page too!! *laughs at Eiji who has UKE plastered on his forehead* XDDD
    you know.. shi-ran.cjb.net has this PoT doujinshi.. but only have like 3 episodes… they need to come up wiv more!!! *is getting very impatient* XDD

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