Generic Title #10

Saaa~~ Thanks for the gifties, everyone ^0^ Didn’t really do much today, ended up not going to the DMV to get my id like I had originally planned.. I overslept xD; I’m getting my new domains when my brother gets back from tahoe, yatta ^0^

Pluggies for gifties! Eda, Sachiko, Kiku numbaa 1, Cynthia, and Linda.

The gifties! Only Sachi’s is shown cuz it’s the only one that’ll fit without resizing, the rest are behind linkies ^0^

Kiku’s, Cynthia’s, Linda’s, and Eda’s. *squeals* Eda drew me the Jyousei Shota Twinzzz :D :D :D :D *worship*

PoT 99 was released on fansub this afternoon, I’m determined to stay awake until it’s downloaded and I have watched it xD; …20 hours.. >.> but then again I’m also donwloading some mp3s so it should pick up when those are done ^0^

I sent off my payment for my Shinji [Ibu Shinji, that is. Not that pussy Ikari Shinji] plushie yesterday [the 7th..] and they got the payment and shipped it today xD; yatta! I should have it by next week ehehehehe <3 Fudoumine Shinji-kun~~

Lesse.. what else.. I finished downloading an episode of Peacemaker Kurogane when I woke up this afternoon, I like this series :D I’ll have to get my brother to burn it for me =3 And I need to burn off some freaking PoT xD; like nearly 20 gigs of my hdd is PoT eps o.o;

Hm.. Got a new ISP yesterday, but so far it’s not being very spiffy.. Still kicks me off every four hours ~__~ someone find me a cheap [dialup] isp that doesn’t require a credit card that lets me stay on as long as I want >< Sa.. I need to get off my butt and switch the Farfie fanlisting, Omi fanlisting and Nittle Grasper fanlisting over to php fanbase >< that is gonna be such a pain in the freaking arse.. lol. Too many people love them >< Maybe I'll do that in a little while.. sounds like a plan. I’m slightly dissappointed though.. none of my [irl] friends even called to say happy birthday ._. Demo.. my mom made me a pot roast and bought me a lemon cake ^-^ I haven’t been hungry enough to eat any of the cake yet though.. and I only ate a little tiny bit of pot roast.. appetite isn’t much =/ *huggles her momma* I’m going to go do other things like pester people. Jya~

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  1. Duuude, sorry. I’m tracking you down from, and just, oh my god you’re a Prince of Tennis fan too!

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