Generic Title #11

Fleh… been kinda out of it lately… Found on on Saturday that a family friend died of cancer.. We found out she had it back in like November or something.. =/ Eileen was the person who taught me most of what I know about eventing and dressage. She’s the one that would take me out on one of her horses for hours on end, lunging me over jumps and not letting me use my hands so I would learn how to balance and stuff.. =/ She’s the one I got my second pony from after we had to put Sandy down for cancer. *sigh* Me and mum sat in the living room hugging and crying on each other’s shoulders for hours after we found out.. We haven’t been able to get ahold of Tory or Evrette yet, they’re probably totally beside themselves. I feel bad that we didn’t go and see her while we had the chance.. I haven’t seen her in a couple years. I don’t think my mum even called either.. But.. Eileen was the kind of person who wouldn’t want anyone to see her sick.. and I think part of me [and mum] didn’t WANT to see her sick.. she was always happy and outgoing and in good health. I mean like, if we had went and seen her, what would we say? “Oh, I’m sorry you’re dying.”? Mum said she was gonna call her husband and ask when the service was gonna be.. at least we can go to that and pay some respects.. I guess all I can say now is,, rest in peace, Eileen Maki. You’ve helped me so much throughout my childhood, and for that, I thank you.

Happier note, my Shinji plush came on friday, it was sitting right in front of my tv all day and I didn’t notice it until like 3 am. My tv = right next to my moniter. Also, giftie from Echiko

Thankies, dear.