Generic Title #12

First off, new layout! <3 Kamio & Shinji =3 Second, my Fudoumine shitajiki came in the mail today (as noticed by the fact I now have a Fudoumine layout :P), you can find a scan of it here, and I got a package from Sachiko and Echiko! Thankies for the songies and piccies and Saint Beast-ness! And of course teh Platina disk.. *hearts* You two are so getting lovely prezzies soon xP I’ve just forced my brother to find and download the rest of Saint Beast for me so I can purty *0* And I’ll probably get it when he gives me mah Whistle!

Speaking of Whistle!, just got the email saying my Whistle! doujins and the other TeniPuri doujins and Rival Players cds have been shipped ^0^ should have by Feb. =3 Atobe and Shishi/Tori luv, yo.

I am currently freezing my butt off >< cuz it's cold and all that jazz. And I really, REALLY want a friggin deli sammich. I sent mum to get me one earlier.. with several hours of prodding.. but the deli in safeway closed like 3 minutes before she got there ;__; baka okaasan u.u ;__; I toooooolddddd her to go at 5 when I asked cuz I knew it would friggin close if she didnt >< And I need to go back into the kitchen and stock up on some more soda.. all the cans sitting on my desk are empty >< damn I'm a packrat pig xP On another note, Peacemaker Kurogane is currently rocking my socks. <3 Souji. I was gonna make a Souji layout but I couldn’t find any decent pics to use xD; So I did Kamio/Shinji. Which is ok because I <3 Kamio and Shinji. *nodnod* And part 2 of the PoT musical is almost finished downloading ^0^ there’s *gasp* 3 seeds for the torrent o__o scary. xD; I finally switched the Farfie listing over to phpfanbase yesterday, all that’s left is Nittle Grasper and Omi xD; those are gonna be a pain in the ass because they have so many friggin members o_o plus there’s like 90 emails in my fanlistings box that are for those two x.x Someone shoot me now xD; That’s what I get for not updating for three months xD; On that note, I’m hungry, Shinji likes to mumble and Kamio is more than just a speed demon, he’s a speed demon. yeah. That speed. Not the fast kind. He’s a speedy speed demon. <3<3<3<3 And I think I have lost my senses finally. Jya xD; Ps; Did I ever mention I absolutely LOATH the colour pink? xD;

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  1. Um.. I was googling on torrents for the PoT Musical and found your journal. Just curious, where are you getting your torrent from? ^^;;;

  2. PINK IS FOR DOGS >_>; Anyways xD; Awesome layout ^^b I wish I can do that! Do you know where I can get some doujin? Not JPQueen. >_

  3. I’m first to comment I suppose. That’s ok, just thought I’d come by once again. ^^ I like the nice layout on the blog. Which may remind me to change mine when this month ends. I can get lazy very easily with blogs sometimes. xD

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