Generic Title #14

i had a rather.. interesting past 5 days or so xD; Morgan, Sirena and Thomas came up and kidnapped me like 10 pm saturday night and dragged me off to santa rosa.. took one of my cats with em xD; aka dumb kitty who was molesting my shinji plush =3 Damn I missed those people.. we pretty much screwed around the whole time, I got to see my little sisters [aka Chase and Holly]. and uhh.. went downtown and saw Jeff and Charlie and some others, the new downtown kids scare me ._. I think the highlight of Monday was watching Thomas fountain some stupid little wannabe downtown chick.. haha

Lesse here.. went to the book store, picked up Naruto vol. 2, Gravi vol 2 and 3, and Marmalade Boy vol 8 so that’s done. I was sad I didn’t get to visit colin, trisha, eric or rei though ._.

Fweeee. Gauged my ears again though :D the 14 went up to a 12 and the 12 went up to a 10 :D Originally i had asked morgan on like monday if she had a 12 i could have cuz I lost mine a while back, so she gave me one.. tuesday she decided to pierce her lip while waiting for her Econ class to end after finals xD; so I gave her my 14 when she got back and she went down to to Easy Street and had Bear gauge it and get it in for her =3 So I was once again missing an earring, and Thomas [Morgan’s roommate, Sirena’s boytoy] gave me a 10 =3 So I got to sit almost pinned down (not that I needed it, but those two are friggin huge compared to me xD;) between Thomas and Sirena as they shoved large pieces of metal through too small holes :D so now i have my 8 gauge talon and a 12 gauge horseshoe with balls in the left and a 12 gauge horse shoe with balls in the right =3

I also got the “privelege” of seeing way more than I really wanted to of Sirena multiple times. thanks to Morgan, and to Sirena and Thomas wrestling on the living room floor >.> and uhhhh.. Oh yeah :D When I got home there was a card from my grandma with 10 bucks, a returned payment for something else that they didnt have anymore of, my St. Rudolph pencilboard showed up and so did my new stack of doujins and rival players cds mum got me for my birthday ^0^

Oh yea!Sato, I will scan teh Whistle! yaoi for ye =3

OH YESH!!!!938y-9284y!~! and my brother just reg’d my new domains ^0^ one of em’s gonna host my collective and the other i’m either gonna move my bloggie to or… something.. else I haven’t decided on yet :D

oh yeah, Sachi, I scannededed that other Apo doujin [the sapphi/jade one =3] if ye want it ^^ its gonna go up on teh ukepile after my current bw cycle is finished. Along with uhh.. two whistle! doujins and either a gundam wing, yami no matsuei or yet another pot doujin [probably the happy pot doujin with shishido getting molested by half of the hyoutei team :D]


Edit: Oh yeah. my mum got a Gakuto!haircut today xD; I nearly fell over snickering when she walked in the door.

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  1. wheee you got kidnapped and one of your kitties too XDD sounds like you’ve bought a lot of manga again.. so cool! ^_^
    hope your ears didn’t hurt to much when they like… shoved them in.. ’cause it sounds like it was painful ^^;;;
    err.. my bloggie is back up again at a new place… just to let you know ^___^ the linkie is next to my name =)

  2. Hey Shu-chan, figured I’d drop by here since I felt kinda bored and alone as always. Not much happening for me other than working on my other site and watching the IRC chat that I run myself. Usually it’s more active around the afternoon/evening time. ^^ Anyways, I better visit the other people on my link exchanges before I sleep. Take care! *hugs* ^_^

  3. Fwee~~ XD O-hisashii buri desu~It sounded like you had so much fun, and you got to pick up some manga *_* Ack! Hope your ears are alright… shoving earings in small holes is a pain in the butt.. just talking from experience XDDDD;; Demo demo! DOUJINSHI~~~ Jade/Sapphi!! Wai wai! *glomps chu clingu and all the good stuff* Wanna see~~ ^_____^ arigatou gozaimashita!! Love ya!

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