Generic Title #7

Fwee! Happy new year! I got bored and made this for you xP it’s too big to put here otherwise i would. Innit cute xD; hmm… New years resolutions. I should probably have some of those. *nod* So… here we go, with my new years resolutions that probably will never be fulfilled.

1) cut back on my nicotine intake.
2) get a job and KEEP it.
3) not be so freaking lazy, help out around the house more
4) start riding my horses again >_< 5) start playing tennis again >_< 6) be more active, get away from the 'puter more often
7) actually do something, like update sites when at computer
8) saaaaaaave money for trip to Japan next fall and Cons this summer

>_< I'm going to die, I swear xD; Most of that will never get done =3 Andu.. my fingers are cold.. andu.. Oh, I switched to some new doujinshi downloads =3 enjoy >-) oh yeah! I’m going to be hosting the Prince of Tennis fanlisting soon too ^0^ *worship* Daadaa… I’m going to run away and procrastinate doing things now ^0^

5 thoughts on “Generic Title #7”

  1. Aw.. the gifty is funney ^___^
    nice resolutions for the new year ^^ I don’t even make them anymore, ’cause I already know I probably can’t fulfill them XDDD
    Whee!! You’re gonna host the PoT fanlisting *dances around*

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