Generic Title #15

Mleh ~_~ Haven’t been feeling well lately at all >< Have a cold and on my period at the same time >__< been sleeping a lot more than usual too, when I can actually fall asleep.. not to mention I friggin HURT. CONSTANTLY. I think my legs and back are telling me to fuck off and die -_- My legs hurt constantly when I'm just sitting there, my back too. Not to mention I've had a throbbing friggin headache for the past two days or so ~_~ *shoots someone* ah, yes. the crack for the day! crack fic crack pic

that fic had me rolling on my ass laughing. Well, I would’ve been rolling if it didn’t hurt to friggin much >.> [/end self pity] It was friggin classic. xD;

But yeay, I just remembered that I had rainbow chips deluxe. So now I get to munch on choco chip cookies.

My mum got a laptop from a friend of hers yesterday, yeay I have something new to play with :D it’s an older dell w/ win 98 >.> and a crappy video card. As soon as her friend finds the external cd rom drive for it ima reformat and install XP and stuff on it for mum. I have to teach her how to use it too xD My poor, old parents. My dad gets like all excited when he calls me and says “Today, I turned on Susan’s computer, signed on the internet and went to ebay all by myself!” *snicker* the old man’s taking after me in the ebay-ness >.> that’s not a good thing. Cuz ebay makes me go broke. >.> Still pondering on moving this bloggie over to g-pNET. is quite possible, once I figure out how to import mysql tables so I don’t lose my archives and stuff =3 Ah, yes, Kiku-san moved his bloggie over to d-pNET too ^_^ And has a new layout made from one of my doujinshi scans. It’s so friggin cute xD;

And, since it being 11:25 am and way past my bedtime, I’m off before my song list gets any bigger. :D

3 thoughts on “Generic Title #15”

  1. Hai Shu-chan ^^ ah so the hurting back & legs were signs of period coming.. XDDD ouch.. yah.. being on period sucks >_<
    hope your headache and other aches hurt less by now ^____^ the ‘crack pic’ is so funny!! xDDD
    Eiji ish so cute in Powerpuff style =DDD
    ooo.. the layout is very cute ^__^

  2. OMFG XDDDDDDDDDD THAT CRACK FIC YOU LINKED TO MADE ME SPIT MY ENTIRE CUP OF WATER OUT ONTO MY LAPPIE! *rolls on ground laughing* Anyway thanks so much for the fic. =3 Purdy blog you have~ ^^ And love the two hosting domains you have! Kikumaruxoishi all the way. *grins*

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