Generic Title #16

Fweeee. I’ve been getting up like, early lately. and sleeping at fairly normal times o.o; Like.. going to sleep ~9pmish and getting up at like 5, 530 o.o;

Mum’s taking my cat back in tomorrow to get surgery on his leg again, getting the pins taken out. He hasn’t been walking on it again lately.. sigh.

And I think on Sunday Michelle (my neighbor) is taking me down to pick up Khisme and bringing her back up here ^0^ yeay, I’ll have my horse again ^____^ *uberhappy*

So let’s see here.. fangirling of the day. Random spoilers probably.

PoT 102 [subbed]
MOMOKAIMOMOKAIMOMOKAI. and SCHEXXY Mizuki :D and and and bendy-bitch Kajimoto :D:D:D:D:D:D Playing DOUBLES *0* ..and creepy Hanamura-sensei who had KAJIMOTO AND REIJI CELLPHONE ACCESSORIES. WTF.
Needless to say, Kajimoto/Mizuki pair were kicking ass in the beginning, then MomoKai were like “oh shit, that’s why they’re hitting low and in the center! DERP! They don’t want us to use our DANKU SUMASHU!!! and BOOMERANGU SUNAKU! *GASP*” So MomoKai threw off their groove and kicked some Kajimoto/Mizuki ass. And then MomoKai got touchy feelie holding hands. THE END. :D

PoT 119 [raw]

All of the MomoKai goodness I could ever want. Even moreso than ep 102 where they were touchy-feely. Because they were even more touchy-feely ^0^ ..even though they lost =3 But then again I knew they would cuz it basically went the same as the manga.. >.> Lesse.. Kaidou went BWAHHH BOOMERANGU SUNAKU! and got a few points. Then Bunta and Jackal were both like, BWAAA AROUND THE POLE~~!!! and Kaidou went WTF WHY CAN EVERYONE DO A FRIGGIN BOOMERANG SNAKE NO FAIR! MomoKai touchy-feelie-ness ensued. Then they got their asses royally kicked. NEXT EPISODE! Golden Pair luvluv. Hopefully Eiji pulls the manga thing where he gets beaned in the head and is getting carried away on a stretcher and has some flashbacks and the BING BANG BOOM, does a lovely handspring off a nice, cloth stetcher =) As witnessed over yonder.

/End fangirling.
/resume fangirling.

Oh yeah, I got the Mizuki fanlisting from TFL.ORG too :D and Kiku-san got the.. Kamio, Shinji, and Taichi fanlistings. We shall let you know when they’re up xP

/End fangirling for real.

on another note, I’m freezing my cajones off and I can barely feel my hands. And I think my computer wants to attempt to die a slow, painful death. I think I’m glad I finished setting up mum’s laptop yesterday ;_; Because if my compy does decide to die I can use it xP Even though it’s teh weaaaak and probably couldn’t handle having photoshop open without crashing. Fweh.

Is it good that I can see my breath indoors? Probably not. *runs away to work on Mizuki fanlisting ^0^*