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fwee =3 moved my bloggie over here, wee. And new URL means new layout and new layout I have! Although I shall miss my LOVELY KAMIBU LAYOUT, I like my Golden Pair layout more. Because it has Eiji and Oishi on it and uhh yeah. :D Will have to go and let everyone on my little friends list know.. xP will do that later =3
PoT 103 needs to hurry the hell up and download >< Fweh.. my mom found out I smoke (again.) Came in yesterday morning and was like "when did you start smoking again?" "...when did I quit >.>” “oh, I thought you did.” “yeah, like 3 years ago for 6 months. just be glad I don’t smoke nearly as much as you do.” “ah. well I’m off to work, bye.”
Dana came up yesterday to pick up some mail for my sister and drop Kerry off in Ukiah with so he could visit Marc. I should call him.. I miss Marc. Such a sweet kid, even if he is a horny little bastard xP

Will be moving Omi fanlisting over to the old url of my bloggie ^^ Andu.. Kiku-san finished the Ibu Shinji and Kamio Akira fanlistings and we got them up uhh yesterday. My Mizuki fanlisting should be up sometime in the next couple days.. xP Kiku-san’s making me make his layout for the Youhei x Kouhei (YEAY JYOUSEI TWINCEST :D) fanlisting xP little bugger’s grabbing all the FL’s I want, lol. He’s got the Dan Taichi FL, Jyousei Shounan FL, and the JYOUSEI SHOTA TWINZZZ FL too. poo on you!! I need to go join those..

BRAHHH It’s friggin cold >< Why is it always so friggin cold ;_; this house needs centralized heating. Started watching Angelic Layer yesterday, weee. Onosaka Masaya (����⏹��) officially rocks my socks. His characters are just so friggin lovable.. xD (Vash, Momo, Mihara “Icchan” Ichirou, etc) *adds him to worship-ness* Tralalalala. Tweedlideeeeeeeee. It’s still cold even though I turned on my little heater-fan thingie. ._. >< Heard a clip of Atobe’s Valentine’s single “Valentine Kiss”… laughed my balls off. It’s all poppy and upbeat and has Kabaji going like “do wap do de do oh hoho doooo wap” XD;
Leaving now.

Um, bai :D off to get Mizuki Fl up :D

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  1. **___** wow… I LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout!!! *eyes twinkling* whee!! EijixO0shi!! =DDDD cool you moved!! i’ll change your linkie right after this ^_____^
    Kiss x Me… I love the doujin !! wow, you have that book yourself?? cool!!…

  2. WAAA COOL LAYOUT ^^ hehe very hot ^.^ … yay congrats u moved ^^ hehe i’ll change ur link at my next update ^__^ …hey ur layout, isn’t it from Prince of tennis? or same character but in diff story?…. ^^;;

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