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I have officially began SEEDing. And worshipping the hotness that is Yzak :D *points to song* Sachi-doll sent me the song a while back and I was fangirling over it.. lol. Gotta get the rest of the series from Colin or Steve xP Only have up to episode 20 and I’m on ep 10 right now.. mweh.

PoT 103 and 104 were released yesterday too =3 I stopped downloading the other version of 103 cuz it was ghetto and taking longer than usual to download cuz of the tracker or some shit. So yeah.

Stuff I need to finish downloading [After all PoT is said and done]
Peacemaker Kurogane 5: current status: 55% of 174 mb.
T.M. Revolution – Coordinate (320kb cbr): Current status: 52% of 111 mb.
Saint Beast episode 2: 28.1% of 181mb.
Dir En Grey – Six Ugly: 5% of 59.06mb
D.N.Angel episode 22 [replacement]- on ftp
D.N.Angel episode 23 [replacement]- on ftp.

Yes, I am getting lazy. On another note.
Angelic Layer Fangirling.

Miharu Oujirou is one of my new gods. Why? Because he’s voiced by Hoshi Souichirou and LOOKS LIKE NAGI. NAOE NAGI. Hair, eyes, uniform, everything *0* He seems a little nicer than Nagi though. Not quite as much of a little bitch =) <3 Nagi and Oujirou. They can bear my children.
And my AL episode 12 doesn’t want to work. I’ll probably have to get Steve to download again and gimme ._. I need more Naruto, too. Only have 28 episodes. u.u Damn, I’m running out of things to watch O.o

List of Stuff I have and have yet to watch:

Kiddy Grade [complete] – eps 4-end – Reason to watch: erm.. can’t think of one. Titty anime.
Full Metal Panic [complete] – all – Reason to watch: Seki Tomokazu. *worship*
Crest of the Stars [complete] – all – Reason to watch: Steve encoded?
Final Fantasy Unlimited [complete] – eps 12-end – Cuz it was good to watch even though badly animated and quite repeatitive.
Serial Experiments Lain [complete] – eps 3-end – Reason to watch: two words. Crack. Fiend.
Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto [complete] – eps 5-end – Reason to watch: Suwabe Junichi. ’nuff said.
Azumanga Daioh [complete + movie] – ep 15-end – Reason to watch: It’s teh funny.
RahXephon [complete] – all – Reason to watch: Seki Toshihiko. *0*
Iria: Zeiram [OVA, Complete] – all – Reason to watch: Buff chick :D
Joker [OVA, Complete oneshot] – all – Reason to watch: It’s yaoi. :D why else would I watch it.
Ranma 1/2 season 5 [complete] – all – Reason to watch: who doesn’t like ranma :D
Hikaru no Go [nowhere near complete] – eps 6-15 – Reason to watch: Shota bitches.
That’s it for now. At least, that’s all the stuff in that one cd holder. the rest will have to wait till I sort it out

Look, I finished the Mizuki fanlisting. Go join because you know you love Mizuki and his bad fashion sense. :D

going off for food now, starving. x.x

..I wonder if we have any chocolate. ._.

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  1. *glomps glomps* w00t!! XD First of all, I have to shower confettis over you for successfully moving your bloggie!~ Let us have sake too~ Not legal yet, but what the heck! *cheers* Kyaa~~~~~ -by the way, Shukins, love that SEEDing XD!- how is Gundam Seed?! O___O Na na!! Yzak kakkoi desu? I’ve only heard him in the drama CD, and he aka Seki sounds so kawaii already XD Andu… Oujirou!!!!!! He’s so purty isn’t he??? ^____^ Hoshi-sama! >3 Oh, did you know Ogata in Angelic Layer was Seki as well? XD He sounds SO kawaii in there.. that’s an ooki list of things to watch O__O Ganbari ne~! XD

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