Generic Title #23

Yeay I have an Eric I kidnapped ^_____^ Or something. We still have to figure out how he’s getting back to Petaweasel xD;

Things that need to happen:
PoT 106 needs to hurry the ##$*&^@ up and download.
Love of Prince mp3s need to finish downloading. T_T
I need to shower.
I think that’s all.

PoT 121 disappointed me. I wanted the full on ass rapage of the manga T_T BUT! Eiji lived up to his title of bitchy redheaded uke ;D Blah blah blah some stuff happened, Eiji was getting snappy at Oishi, blah blah blah basically told Oishi to shove it, blah blah blah Oishi said something and Eiji went WEE AHH SORRY and proceeded to start playing like he normally did. Go Eiji. Then they got assraped by the Niou/Yagyuu pair and stuff.
I am disappointed as there was no Kikumaru Bazooka, there was no flashbacks to their freshman year, there was no Eiji getting beaned in the head with a ball and being carried away on a stretcher. WAH. They could’ve at least like made it an extra filler episode (because I r a whore for fillers) and did all that junk and given Konomi-sensei a chance to actually finish writing the Inui/Renji match xD; Inui’s game with Renji should be interesting or something.

OK fangirling or lack thereof is done.

Sakura-Crisis and Yaoiforever IRC channels have moved to in the channels #sakura-crisis and #yaoiforever. FET has moved to #FET @

I have yet to figure out where the rest of my groups went. I will let you know when I find them xD

Eric ate all my bacon. DAMN YOU HOBO.

And I am having way too much fun playing Oishi and Shinji xD;

3 thoughts on “Generic Title #23”

  1. Love this layout!
    PoT anime… sigh. I never see why is it so difficult to include as many scenes from the manga when it’s perfectly fine for them to come up with brainless fillers(funny, but fillers nonetheless). That’s why I stopped watching raws and decided to wait for the subs. :p

  2. I’m first XD
    *waves* It ish I, Rosemary! One of your hostees ^-^ *pokes your desktop* You have Trillian too o_o;;

    Yaoi ish nice, ne? ^^

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