Generic Title #30

For those of you who want em and don’t have em or don’t know about em.. IF YOU ARE A FAN OF POT (OR EVEN IF YOU AREN’T!!!!) IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DOWNLOAD THESE. THEY WILL MAKE YOUR FANGIRL(BOY)Y HEART VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY. Observe the massive amount of screencaps that are too large for my text space, then download ^_____^
*is too lazy to resize ^___^*

*humps and humps and humps* kamiokamiokamiokamiokamiobuffedupandboxingkaidou.

Ryoma looks similarly smexy throughout the whole damn thing. 12 year old boys should not look this good.

Likewise PO TA TObe looks smexy. And yes, that is indeed Tachibana Kippei playing guitar behind him xD;

He even has bitch boots.

The obligitory crotch shots

That had me melted in a puddle of fangirl goo.

There was a lot of Golden Pair raburabu in this thing.

And Mizuki got himself a chinchilla coat, apparently.

*slaps self* down girl.

Yes, that is Atobe singing. Yes, that is Shinji playing bass. Yes, that is Yuuta on keyboards. Yes, that is Akazawa on drums. xD

Kaidou’s spreadin em for us. How sweet =)

Even one of the shota twins had his couple seconds ^0^ *stares at Fuji’s overly padded ass and falls over laughing*

Momo: Hey babe, what YOU doing?
Gakuto: Jus need a lil’ sumpinsumpin

You can’t really tell, but Gakuto is wearing a plaid mini-kilt over his plaid pants ^___^

That makes me happy.

These caps are all done by EBBY and EDUHHH Mostly because I’m too lazy to do my own.


The Birthday/Rock 54 AMV thingie with the all holiness of godly fanservice

Sankyuu Ebby for uploading it for me and Hoshi-chan xD for giving it to her! XD

The “Cross With You” Hyoutei AMV thingie :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH EDUHHH for uploading that for meeeeeee I LOVE YOU.

Right click -> save as. Streaming video is evil. :P I’ll be deleting them this weekend most likely, so get while you can. So go, sap all my bandwidth and tell your friends. xP

BWAHAHAHA. I R INSANE. (and I just woke up after 4 hours of sleep ^___^)

3 thoughts on “Generic Title #30”

  1. xD I just realized that Kaidou’s name is on his short shorts… and if someone wanted to know his name >) they’d have to bend over to read it xD

    So it’d be like:

    Inui: Hmm *bends over* there’s an 80% you put your name there so I’d bend over like this.
    Kaidou: ,,,,
    Inui: Well as long as I’m down here *evil mad scientist smirk*
    Kaidou: O_O… >.> xD

    Oh gawwd I r the dumb xD

  2. Looks like someone is stirring the PoT a bit more. xD j/k I figured I’d come by to visit all my link exchanges since I seem kinda dead on my blog. Some think I died from not blogging in over a week. I’m still alive in a way just not visible on CW. xD

  3. bejeebies XD!!! Those are screenshots from the movie clips my sister told me about yesterday *-*!! Uwwaahh~~ Pretty boys… singing band and others too… yes, these kind of situation just drives a fangirl NUTTIES XD *hearts floating*

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