Generic Title #31

This is a poll for FET that I was too damn lazy to make a *real* poll for*

Please leave a comment with your vote.

CHAPTER 119 UP IS THE HYOUTEI ARC. (plus other random stuff between)

Should the new mini division of FET dedicated to the ealier chapters which includes me as editor and two translators:

1) Skip chapters 63-114 (63 being where Mangacity stopped and 114 being the one before FET restarted) and just do 119-157

2) Do chapters 119-157, then go back and do chapters 63-114

3) Do both sets at the same time. IE; having 1 translator do 63-114, the other do 121-157 and releasing chapters around the same time.

4) Don’t do any of the past chapters that weren’t scanlated and just wait for VIZ to release it.

This poll will be running until 12:00am Pacific standard time, one week from today. (12 am next sunday morning)

Also, we may possibly need scanners for 63-114. If you’re interested, please email me (ChibiKikumaru in the channel) at eiji[at] or PM an operator in the channel #FET at

29 thoughts on “Generic Title #31”

  1. I would agree with Sa, i would much rather read 63-114 first before reading 119-157. I am rather curious on what happens… Even though i’ve read the confessions.

  2. #3 will be better, or preferably from chapter 63-114 then 119-157. It’s best to read chronologically.

  3. #3, but you might talk to Inane to see if they would do 63-114 while you do 121-157, since they like picking up projects.

  4. option 2 or 3, just want to have them all (don’t care the speed of the releases or the order) because for me it will be very difficult to get Viz Volumes

  5. Secret option #5 is my choice. You know, do all the missing chapters in secret, then do a super huge mega release that ties up queues for like … a month. ^^

    No, seriously, option #3 would be fine. ;) My preference is to have them done chronologically 63-114 then 119-157, but I’ll go with what options were presented.

  6. I say:
    2) Do chapters 119-157, then go back and do chapters 63-114
    YEAH! [fangirl-mode] For the love of God, do 119+, I NEED teh Tezukaaaaa XD [/fangirl-mode]

  7. I’d say doing option 2 would be the best considering that by the time you might finish, Viz may have caught up to cover it. Mainly because the focus still lies on the future chapters until completion, and the scans aren’t readily available for the previous it seems. Otherwise, even though it might not seem a good answer, do what you feel like doing, I still love your work either way. Then again, I’m sure people want to see Hyoutei as soon as possible. OPTION 2 WHOO! =)

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