Generic Title #34

The following downloads have (finally) been deleted from my server.

Scanlations of PoT fanbooks 10.5 and 20.5 oneshots
TeniPuri Band of Princes AMV
TeniPuri Hyoutei Cross with You AMV
TeniPuri Fuji Syusuke Mini Album BREATH

Too lazy to go back and delete links, so yeah :P will make a real post later.

Sachiko and Echiko, expect a gifty soon! :D

3 thoughts on “Generic Title #34”

  1. Hey, sorry, I was wondering, do you know where I -still- can get the Band of Princes AU Video??? I think i came here a tad too late to get it u.u.

    Thanx in advance ;) Guu~

  2. Heyz~~ thanks for commenting at my lil’ tag board~~ I love your layout too! So nice and easy on the eyes! I shall add ya to my daily reads! ^^

  3. Luv yew!!! X3!! Arigatou arigatou for the SUGOI packet!! *glomps and cling and you know be a little person hanging on you whereever you go XD* Shu-chan you’re the greatest!! I’ll be sure to watch PoT~~

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