Generic Title #35


Past few days have been kinda blah. My knees have been hurting like there’s no tomorrow and my ankle is getting all swollen again (the one I sprained last summer and never went to the doc for.. I probably tore ligaments xD; ) and I’m getting all allergic to everything and HDSOUAH [9oujlhsdfm. < -- insert random spazzing here -->

Fet Forums have moved over to their (mostly) permenant home on my server =3

I seriously need a faster connection. It just can not keep up with my rabid PoT obsession T_T Still haven’t gotten all the eps released last week T_T the 116-117 ep is going to be a pain in the ass to download, but it has SMEXY! Yukimura in it ^____^ Once 111 and 124 finish downloading, I’ll have seen everything.. just some of it raw xD; *does the dance of BWA*

I need a job. Like badly, Mebbe I’ll get mum to take me down to the random stores so I can pick up applications. =3 Need money for con and Japan trip and moving out T_T!
Mum’s considering letting my sister come live with us again, but this time she’s going to make sure to have a written contract saying that she’s to leave me the hell alone. Me + my sister = FIGHTS TO THE DEATH. Even my brothers won’t talk to her anymore much because of what happened on Thanksgiving (her stealing my brother’s money, stealing my stuff, being completely disrespectful to all of us, etc.) My dad was surprised I didn’t end up with my hands around her throat, even with all of her taunting >.> The worst thing I did was hiss and spit at her. ^__^ My dad was like “good job. She deserved that” ^__^

Yeah, positive reinforcement for negative behavior :P *shoots something* If she comes to live up here, I’m gonna make my dad put an actual door on my room so I can just lock it. Cuz I know she’ll be all like “oh the couch hurts my back you have to let me use your bed!” to which I will say.. fuck you.

I am too tired to make witty episode summaries. x.x not like there’s really much to summarize right now xD;

Going to RP dream pair smut now, tata ^0^