Generic Title #37

I’ve been neglecting my poor bloggie T_T Livejournal ate my brain again T_T (On another note, I’ve posted a bunch of amusing stuff (to me) there. xP)

Posting real crap now.. Need to change my layout >.>; Have one already made but iunno if I like it. FEH. PoT rping has taken over my life :D

Finally got caught up with all my PoT episodes the other day xD; Have been downloading Peacemaker Kurogane and music and stuff in the meantime. =3 9 hours left on episode 7. WEEE.

Apparently I can sleep through just about anything. Yesterday I slept through Pebbles and Axl (Pitbull and German Shepard) trying to kill each other right outside my window. Woke up several hours later and my mum was like “You didn’t hear all the racket they made?” “no.” “Pebs and Axl got in a fight. Look in your cat’s cage.” *looks and sees bloody beaten torn up pitbull* “Oh shit.”

Mum said she had half a mind to just let him kill her >.>; This is her third strike, it’s likely she’s gonna get put down. First time she attacked Carly (Cocker Spaniel), second time it was her and Axl fighting over food and chances are it was the same this time because Pebbles is a fat pig who wolfs down her food in like 5 seconds flat. She’s a good dog, really,.. sweetest thing in the world. SHe just needs to be an only dog =/

Moving in with Morgan back in Santa Rosa as soon as I clear it with my mum ^_^ Dad’s all for it. So yeay :D! That’ll be fun.

Sky and Eric both bailed on me for con ._. Good news is my brother is buying me a Hyoutei polo so I don’t have to make it >D Auction ends tomorrow =3 heeee.

Oh yeah.


Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, dear!

Got bored a couple weeks ago and transcribed the Fuji mini English album =3 Go here for them. :D I didn’t do Amazing Grace because everyone and their damn mother who speaks English knows that damn song. The only difference is she says ‘soul’ instead of ‘wretch’.

…that’s it for now. >.>; bai.

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  1. Ooo arigatou Shu-chan~dear!! XDD I got the message late, but it doesn’t matter ^_^; LOL, I noticed PoT has definitely taken over your life and love there XDDD Demo, ah well, I’m a fangirl too, so I understand what an obsession can do to one >w< Don't neglect your blog now! (I'm kind of for mines too @_@;; Bad me..)

  2. See how too much pot can hurt you? xD j/k on that. Anyhow, I felt bad for the dog though that got torn up by the cat. -.-; I hear the fanime convention is coming up and I don’t know if you plan on going there soon. Lately, I’ve been a bit bored and couldn’t do much. Anyways, figured I’d drop by here to visit since I haven’t in a long time. I missed coming here. ^^

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