Generic Title #38

slakdfj;lk!!! Moving out of home today! Back to Santa Rosa yeayyyy :D!!!

Dunno when I’m going. Still gotta.. pack.. and stuff >.>;

Lesse.. not much going on. Have been spamming my lj lately >.>; With random stuff but it keeps me amused.

Took on another RP xD; Playing Eiji and Sanada o_o brings my boiz up to 7 xD;

Shinji and Ryoma finally gave us annnngst! It made meh happeh :D! ..Although it was canon Shinji and Ryoma and not AU (who will still not fucking angst! dammit! You’ve both cheated on each other, Ryoma’s come and told you that he just had a threesome with both Fuji AND Taka and you fucking SING to him? wtf is your problem Shinji T_T) *stops yelling at her characters now ^___^*

Went to San Francisco on Wednesday. :D! Got dim sum and a new hoodie and two pretty Chinese dresses ^____^ And drew this crack.

S-E-I-G-A-K-U can say! Hey Seigaku! Hey Seigaku Let’s go! S-E-I-G-A-K-U can do! Yeah! Seigaku Let’s go! S-E-I-G-A-K- are you ready! Hey Seigaku let’s go! *loffs on Eiji’s cheers xD;*

I need to make a new layout. Have one made, but don’t like it. Have perfect pic from new PoT opening to use :D!!

….I will be doing a lot of scanlating whilst I’m gone. xD;!

…Also gotta stop neglecting bloggie. Bought domains for a reason. ^___^

*looks at poor unupdated ukepile xD;!*

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  1. Heylow!! Your site looks really great!! TT_TT Do you know where I can download Elle to Takara from anywhere aside from Ob-session?? Cause I don’t have irc and that’s the only way they’ll let me dowlnload it! Mou…

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