Lindsay is a pissed off child.

Fucking hell.

Comp is now dead.

Stuck with Morgan’s laptop.

Definately won’t be on as much now >< !! It like.. went spazzy on me, then froze, then wouldn’t fucking reboot at all. Not even in safe mode. >< ! Maybe I should just be glad that this happened while I’m in ‘rosa cuz all it’ll take is 75 cents and a bus across town to get the recovery discs from my brother u.u But fuck, man! That drive had all my sites and games and all my friggin scanlation projects, complete volume scans of things i’m supposed to upload for other groups, stuff I’m supposed to work on.. fuck. >< !! GR! Also = no more friggin rp logs. Cannot finish random rps unless the other players have them. Dammit I hope it’ll let me boot from cd and I can move all that junk to the safedrive T___T *criiiies* I’m going to go curl up in a corner and die now. Or cry myself to sleep or something in 15 minutes. I have to work tomorrow/today. Money is good. Must get real job though. Workin for my dad in Cazadero doesn’t = a job. And I think I have either a headcold or severe allergies right now, because my head has been compeltely stuffed up since I woke up day before yesterday. shitpissfuckgoddammitmotherfuckerGRRRR! *goes to rant somewhere else*

2 thoughts on “Lindsay is a pissed off child.”

  1. The exact same thing happened to our (rene & I) comp just last last sunday. Lost every freaking thing on the comp. :( Must have been some shit virus going around. bleah.

  2. omg.. you’ve been having troubles too with your PC?? I had that just about a week ago.. T__T it really does suck.. like all the stuff goes bad and you lose files… *stabs bad computer*
    hope everything will be okay soon!! *hugs*

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