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Fweeee. Morgan said she’d take me to Fanime this year! :D!! She’d go.. raise hell in San Jose while I do my con thing xD; I should drag her with me one day just for the hot guys. xD; She like.. really wants to get out of the house and stuff. x.x

Lesse… I have to work all week =3 Painting and building a gazebo and.. yeah. xD; I should probably start going into work earlier, it would get me an extra 10-20 dollars a day. I have to go to the post office tomorrow and send off my payment for my new batch of porn doujinshi I bought. I should also get a bank account and start saving my money so I have money to pay for Fanime and hotel and an apartment and my bills and shitz.

Cris turned 18 yesterday :D!! Which means she can come live with me any time she wants now. xD; After I get an apartment and all that good stuff. *nodnod* that would make me very very happy. xD; I also drew and coloured This Atobe/Kamio piccu for her ^0^ I like how their hair turned out. xD Even if Kam’s is really long =3

Hrm.. Oh yeah. Random stuff I have up for download is over here. Enjoy teh smexy Souta in the shower white clothes unbuttoning nipples as;dkjfas;dfasklj xD;

I have more stuff scanned that I should upload. xD; Maybe I will do that after I finish downloading the first episode of Gantz. My darling RaeRae said she had to start watching it because it had Namikawa Daisuke (Ootori :D!!!!!) as the main character.. then she said I had to watch it because it was awesome hearing Ootori’s voice saying he doesn’t have a hardon. xD; Two more hours for the first episode =3

I should draw some more. It’s kinda difficult to draw porny things when there’s almost always someone else home.. =/ But I can do it when they all fall asleep because most of the time I’m up for several hours after they go to bed.. woo.

I also have to call Sky and see if he wants to hang out a bit.. lol.. he didn’t even know I moved back to town. xD; This will be fuuuuuun. I called him earlier but I forgot to leave the number when I left a message on his cellphone. xD; And I was too blonde to figure out how to leave one on his home number.. lol. Those things with seperate boxes confuse the fuck out of me.

Speaking of cellphones, I’m getting one this week. ^____^ Have to have something to be able to call my mom with because our house phone doesn’t let us make long distance calls. ._. But I talked to mommy today so it was all good. xD; Called her on Morgan’s cellphone and made her call me back on the house phone. xP

Stuff has been.. uneventful. .Went to a Urine Love concert on Friday night, that was fun, but not as much as it used to be when the whole crew was there. Man.. I miss those days ._. But I did get a big, sweaty bear hug from Aaron after the show. xD; I haven’t seen Aaron or Bryan (guitarist and singer for UL) in aaaaaaaages. Their concert at the Phoneix in.. August was the last show I went to before I moved, and was the second to last show I’ve been to since then. Only because I went to one a couple weeks ago at the Phoenix.. yeah. xD I come rollin in and Bryan and Aaron are like “Hey Kitty kitty! Long time no see!” It made me happy that they recognized me without my ears and dyed hair and stuff. =) So yeah.

IIIIII. am going to create crack upon the world somewhere. Jya na xD;

5 thoughts on “Generic Title #40”

  1. Oh, your layout is BEAUTIFUL! :) Just saying hi, and THANK YOU for all the Tenipuri stuff you’ve put up! :) *heart heart*

  2. Um…where did my rest of the entry go? 0_o; Anyways now.. um… I said… someone’s gotta restrain the kuso baka insane girl *Sachi is pulled back* LOL yeah I understand what you mean XD I fear drawing perv stuff too because my family’s around XDDDDD

  3. I could hardly do many thinga except when some people in the family are asleep. xD Other than my sister who’s usually awake most of the time, I can still play music or watch anime without any trouble. Doing that on my comp would just wake my parents up since my speakers also has a subwoofer. xD

    I still have a cellphone but whenever I get to work sometime, I’ll be able to have a plan for it and be able to call long distance for free. It’ll be nice to call my blog friends from California with no worries of having a dreadful phone bill. >.< I hope you have fun at this year's Fanime with Sachi & Echi. I hope I could see a pic of you three together. Take care and cya soon. *hugs* ^__^

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