Generic Title #42

I really should update this more often x3 Livejournal has still eaten my brain. Need to update fanlisting links and stuff too >.>

Compy’s been being a dick. Came home from work yesterday to see that it randomly went on standby.. and it has this nasty habit of not coming back out >.> force restart didn’t work.. had to hit the power strip thingie then it went all wookie.. won’t let me go back to my usual resolution which pisses me off.

This week’s been kinda blah.. nearly had a breakdown at work, couldn’t concentrate and was getting really frustrated, ended up having to go home at 11 in the morning.. which sucks. Out of the 40 possible hours I could’ve worked, only got in 13 ~_~ Which really bites because I need to pay my damn rent and still have money for AX.. Gonna have to borrow money from my dad again ~_~ I hate borrowing money. GRR.

Got 5 fanlistings dumped on me.. Kiku can’t keep up with em anymore.. But it’s ok. I need to get off my ass and scanlate more stuff.. need to kick translators butts, etc.

Costumes are nearly complete.. got my wig and all that cut, got most of everything I need.. tomorrow night I shall be finishing sewing my Fudoumine track pants, and hopefully if my mom brings the iron, Rikkaidai-ifying my other shorts, and putting the Rikkai patch on my shirt for Schoolboi!Marui.

Goin out to Bodega Bay with my mum and Morgan and the dogs tomorrow, mebbe I should drag Sky along too. A nice relaxing day to hopefully get rid of all the stress from this week.

RPing has taken over my life, but who cares because it’s fun <3

Made another Prince of Tennis RP, looking for more players. Check out the Crack Shoppe for more info.. x3
… *runs away to finish rps x3*

3 thoughts on “Generic Title #42”

  1. IHey Shu-chan, I know how you feel since I also work 40 hours a week. Somehow I’m not myself and not in any mood since my hours were a bit cut up that I have more days off when I shouldn’t have. I work at Wal-Mart but I guess I shouldn’t complain because it’s more rest I can have that will help me feel better.

    I hope you would also be fine sometime soon and never forget that we both have similar problems when it comes to having a job and paying bills. Take care! ^^

  2. Hi! Love your site design and the past ones (in particular the brushing eiji one and the kamio-shinji one). :)
    May I know where you got the present layout’s picture of the golden pair from, please? thanks!
    There _was_ a good site for pictures and bromides–, but it’s down :(

  3. Oi, have you thought of reformatting your computer? It would suck though… ‘>.>
    Hehe, I bet your costumes are gona look great! (You posted on which ones) Too bad I don’t know squat about sewing ;.; Or else I’d dress up as Rociel from AS *licks lips* Mwahahaha XD
    I’d also join your RP, except I don’t know anything about Prince of Tennis either XD (I was a very deprived child, yesyes).

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