Generic Title #43

I should update this more often. xD

LJ still owning my soul.

I swear it’s because of all the cracky RP people.

New layout soon. Maybe. If I don’t feel lazy.


EEE I sneeze.

I am so broke. Owe so many people money. *whimpers and eyes Hiku & Rue pitifully* … *eyes roommate and the lack of rent she will most likely not get this month ><!


Read this RP log. I’m Kamio. xD; It goes after… this one.

Both are R rated =x first for fondling/groping/presmexing.
Second for violence and cursing =x

:D *Hugs on Belleychu and Lexxie darling because their Ryou & Bane = TEH WIN.*

This is all Tenipuri Fusion stuff, btw.

LEXXIE DARLING. I will make you a GP layout because I said I would =x. And you are love.

And Kirihara is so going to OWN GP in Battle Royale.


And Ruechama amuses the hell out of me. YOU ARE SUCH A DAMN DORK. I LOVE YOU. XD (And Kirihara is going to eat Hiyoshi & Ootori’s brains, okay? ^_^)

Rue (14:39:04): *sits upon*
Nori (14:39:16): meeeow <3
Rue (14:39:23): …
Nori (14:39:34): hm?
Rue (14:39:57): …that was so totally “Hiyoshi. sits on Akaya’s back. motionless, stone-dead expression while the demon flails and snarls”
Rue (14:40:00): ….hahahahaha
Rue (14:40:05): ….sorry
Nori (14:40:19): rofl
Rue (14:40:24): … that’s the mental image I got when I typed that. XD;;; (had KiriHIyo on the brain last ngiht at work for bizarre reason)
Nori (14:40:32): ROFL
Nori (14:40:37): hey, it could happen >D
Rue (14:40:48): *snickers*
Nori (14:40:54): *snort*
Rue (14:40:55): … it’d have to be a threesome
Rue (14:41:02): *chortles* but … right, anyway
Nori (14:41:04): i have no qualms with that
Nori (14:41:06): xD;
Nori (14:41:18): < – roommates are wondering why i’m sitting here grinning like a moron <3
Rue (14:41:24): =p Kirihara might not but the other two probably would
Rue (14:41:27): then agian, ….
Rue (14:41:31): god, I’m going to love this round.
Nori (14:41:36): hehehe
Rue (14:42:00): anyway. ^^ … I am needy, like, and need someone to type my shizzit at. *has three journal posts to get out by the end of tomorrow*
Rue (14:42:06): and look! you are here!
Rue (14:42:08): and I am here!
Rue (14:42:12): IT ALL WORKS.
Nori (14:42:30): YAY
Nori (14:42:41): and I’m always willing to have a rue babble at me <#
Nori (14:42:43): *<3
Rue (14:42:44): …I ate all teh truffles. ;_;
Nori (14:42:48): ;.;!

I should stop spamming my own blog. =x

but look.

‘TORI BUTT :D!!You know the pretty little Hyoutei boy has a nice butt =3

*goes to fix links =x*