Generic Title #45

Bwarg. I.. don’t post in this very much. x3 Not much going on. Lei is an uberly wonderful woman, who bought for me, and ended up giving me her own domain ( plus it’s hosting package as well O_O; I love you, hon ^_____^!!

Sachiko and Echiko, are you two going to JTAF in San Francisco weekend of the 11/12th? If you are, I wanna see you again ;o;!

Lots of stuff up in the Omake section these days.. all of Fudoumine’s Rival players singles (Tachibana, Kamio, Ibu), still have all of the Rikkai ones up… have up Purutabu to Kan’s Wonderful Days single + Meramera single.. random Kamio songs.. Atobe’s BoRP single’s still up.. the Wonderful Days clip taken out of the anime when they [Atobe, Oshitari, Sanada, Kirihara, Sengoku, Kamio, Ibu] sang to welcome Tezuka back to Japan.. etc. Updated the whored with more Apocripha/0 doujinshi scans + all the colour pages from the Prince of Tennis fanbook 20.5.

Have I done anything else? I’m going to be moving my art site and giving it a new name soon… uhh.. I need to get a new job, will be moving actual house here in a few weeks too, hopefully we can find an actual house instead of another apartment.

Tra la la la..

Gogguru wa shiteruze~

…whoa I just totally started working on something else and forgot about this for like half an hour XD; *points to clock that says 3:23

I should like… get a regular sleep schedule. I have to leave for work in like, 5.5 hours >.>

…stopping babbling now… ♥ ♥ ♥