Generic Title #46

Put up a bunch of PoT LJ icons, a wallpaper & winamp skin over here.


I need to go shopping and get my stuff for Jazzbunny!Kamio cosplay for JTAF (provided I do end up going both days)

So much stuff I need to get done.. @__@ Scanning, editing, uploading, releasing, etc, etc, etc. Need to get the ukepile back up, need to finish getting up.. etc etc etc @_@

…and I am going to go take a nap.



3 thoughts on “Generic Title #46”

  1. You’re pretty busy with many things and I only have one thing to do. XD Oh well, not that it matters but figured to come by once again. I’ve mainly been away often not for work but also going through Florida often. ^^ I hate hurricanes and one is coming at me too. >.

  2. Did I read that right? Jazzbunny!Kamio? AT the Japan Town Anime Fest? In San Francisco? As in, my home town that I moved away from. The JTAF that I decided I wouldn’t go this year because the one before was effin’ boring?

    Wow, life’s just full of irony. Sorry for the rant.

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