Generic Title #50

Pleh. This whole attempting to sleep so I’ll feel better thing just isn’t working. Is it so much to ask to have friggin aspirin or something around here? Head hurts, throat hurts, chest hurts, ears hurt >< Makes me wonder how I can still sit here and stare at this thing even though I've got a throbbing friggin headache. Addiction? Maybe >_> Nothing better to do besides stare at a wall? Absolutely. x.x

Hopefully my brother actually does bring over the XP/PS/CFTP cds tomorrow so I can reformat/fresh install os and be dooooooone with all the crap my comp’s been giving me lately.

Less than three weeks till Ycon. Need to somehow manage to weasel actually working and earning money between now and then so I can actually pay my rent and afford to go X_X

Speaking of, I seriously need to find my own place. Studio apartment, whatever. Sucks since I a) sleep on the couch, b) have a way different time schedule than my roommates and c) which ties in with b, I tend to sleep during the day whereas they sleep at night. Not very cool when you sleep on the couch in the front room with traffic going in and out constantly. And very, very loudly. Feh, and people wonder why I don’t sleep often. I can sleep through a lot but people constantly coming in and out and pretty much yelling at each other through a 1 bedroom apartment isn’t one of them.

My own place would mean privacyatlast! Because I get absolutely none. Particularly when I’m in one of my curl-up-and-die or go-away-and-leave-me-the-hell-alone moods.

And now that Morgan’s friggin pregnant? CONSTANTLY on my ass about EVERYTHING. I got screamed at the other night for supposedly taking a bottle of cough medicine from my brother over a month ago to keep him from drinking it (which I have no recollection of whatsoever) and not knowing where it was now. WTF is that?

So she leaves and comes back a while later with a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in ages (his car broke down by the JC) and so we’re sitting outside smoking and talking and I get “So I heard you drank all of Morgan’s cough syrup.”

Excuse me?

Sorry dear. I may have had a problem with abusing dextromethorphan in the past, but I NEVER did it in liquid form and I sure as hell ain’t gonna start now. Remember a little problem I had with Morgan two years ago because of the stuff? Oh, I don’t know, you know, my best fucking friend threatening to stop talking to me if I didn’t stop popping so many damn pills so often?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Don’t go pinning shit on me when you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about. Thanks.

I think too much x.x *rubs head*

TeniPuri Genius 242 if anyone wants it. Drop a comment if you nab. Will be deleting sometime during the week. It’s a rar file, so you’ll need winrar or something to open it. Go ahead and share, but link to this post instead of direct linking to the file so I know who’s leeching my bandwidth.

*toddles off*