Generic Title #52

@_@ Fweee. Busybusy is me. Finally finished coding Dafty-seme’s BR layout, need to make one for my Tachibana-senpai next >.> Updated all of my fanlistings (finally), put my Toboe fanlisting up for adoption after a year and a half of having it >.>; Have new layouts for the Kamio fanlisting, Ken x Omi fanlistings, plus that are all sitting on my hard drive waiting around to be coded.

Finished Lei’s Longhaired!Shishido birthday piccu, is in my DevArt gallery (as well as in a locked post on rhythmic_high.)

Bittorrent needs to go faster, am 5 or 6 episodes behind as far as PoT subs go >.> Made Colin download PoT 156 (CANON NIOUKIRI CANON NIOUKIRI MY FANGIRL HEART SWOONS) and Tactics eps 1/2 raws for me, hopefully he’ll upload them later so I don’t have to deal with the hell that is Bittorrent.

I wanna watch Elfen Lied. Sole reason? Suzuki Chihiro. :D!

Still feeling a bit blah but hopefully that’ll pass soon x.x

TeniPuri Battle Royale round 4 starts on Monday, got back in as Kirihara and if I had actually paid attention to the mod post I would’ve reapped for Kamio instead since Mod-sama can’t play him this round ;o; >.> But with any luck Rue will post the NPC claimage mod post today and I can grab him as a Player NPC. >D!

This cold needs to get out of my damn chest and I should sleep >.O I should probably also go to work today but I’m thinking more of tomorrow instead coz my chest is like, killing me >.> Have a feeling I’m going to be very crampy later.

And with that, I’m off to write my Round 4 day 0 post for Kirihara *toddles off*